Intermittent Fasting For PCOS

Intermittent Fasting For PCOS

Intermittent fasting plays great role in pcos but first let’s learn about pcos

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a group of symptoms that affect women and ethnicities in their reproductive age.

PCOS is the result of a sex-hormone imbalance.

that consists in an over-production of testosterones and a lower of female ones. This  allows masculine hormones to prevail and leads to irregular periods and over-hairy bodies. Environment factors such as obesity, play a part in pcos . and it is difficult to diagnose due to a non-distinctive clinical picture. According to nih here are some symptoms for pcos

  • high amount of  androgens which leads to a  hairy face, chest, belly, or upper thighs
  • Irregular or absent menstrual cycles
  • fluid filled sacs  known as cysts, in your ovaries
  • Oily skin and/or acne
  • not able to loose weight or gain weight , obesity and overproduction of facial hairs.

Diets for pcos

Diets plays great role when it comes to treat pcos . In pcos weight management is the biggest issue women faces so to control weight dieting is very important .

When it comes to choose a good diet in pcos we need to track our activity level . How much body needs , macro nutrients requirements according to RDA and after modifications of diet.

There are too many ways a person can do dieting in pcos

Calories restrictions is the Biggest part

Low carb diet shows good results in controlling weight issues when following up with good exercise routine.

Adding Low glycemic index food in your diet makes it quick in results and also controls insulin level.

Intermittent fasting is again a very good diet when it comes to quick weight loss.


How intermittent fasting helps in pcos


Intermittent fasting  helps alot in pcos . Taking a break from eating for periods of time has been shown to help with PCOS.

this pattern of eating reduces inflammation glucose and insulin levels.

and leads to lower the amount of androgen  levels and improoves ovarian function.  intermittent fasting could lesson the impact of male hormone excess on the human body by limiting the excess of insulin.

It is partially responsible for the abnormal release of androgens. 

lowers levels of glucose and insulin blood  are a few benefits of intermittent fasting that lead to a balanced metabolism. 

With normal insulin and glucose levels we can see good results and controlled insulin levels .

Other diets that helps in pcos

Different Way Of Fasting Explained
Different ways of fasting explained

Main problem with the people having pcos is weight issue and sometimes abnormal hormonal levels.

Apart from low carb diets  intermittent fasting there are other diets which plays good role in controlling pcos

Keto diet – a diet which is high in fat  moderate proteins and very low carbs.

That makes the body to make ketones after breakdown of fats which leads quick weight loss resulting in ovarian cyst ans pcos

Keto diets helps alot in pcos as this diet is very low in carbs so there is controlled insulin is a result after doing it in long term.

After breakdown of fats body uses ketones to supply energy instead of glucose so there is quick weight loss, belly fat.

Atkins diet – this diet is similar to keto diet but there is more liberty in choosing protein options.

You can have more protein options but again there is restrictions for carbohydrates.

Atkins diet also works faster in controlling pcos as it allows body to burn fat resulting in a good weight loss.

But for people doing Atkins feels it little hard as this diet contains phases which are sometimes cannot manageable .

Intermittent fasting with keto diet works more than think , it controls unhealthy lifestyle by having meals on time.  And reduces weight in in ketosis stage .


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