keto dessert

Keto Halwa

Keto Atta Halwa

This Atta Halwa is probably that one dessert which we have grown up eating by our mother’s hands. It was made very often in our kitchens. Ordinary atta halwa made with whole wheat flour, sugar, and ghee, doesn\’t go well with Keto right? So for the keto version, you only need these 3 ingredients to …

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5 New Year's Eve Keto Desserts

Keto Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake on a diet? Yes, you read that right. The delicious Keto blueberry cheesecake is creamy, low-carb, loaded with a lot of blueberries, and finished off with a blueberry sauce. The show-stopping dessert looks amazing, yet extremely simple to make! And the best part is that it has only 5 grams of net carbs per …

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Keto Egg Nog

Keto Egg Nog

Milk punch or egg milk punch is the second name for Keto Egg Nog and is a rich, chilled, sweetened beverage. Traditionally it was prepared using milk, cream sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks. Some people prefer to add brandy, rum, whisky or bourbon to the drink or almond milk instead of regular milk. …

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Keto Pound Cake

Keto Pound Cake

Who doesn\’t love cakes? Cakes are the best desserts that one would like to have daily. Keto Pound cake is the best option when you want to have a cake and still maintain the state of ketosis.  Keto Pound cake is a keto-friendly cake that includes all the keto-friendly ingredients. Ingredients in the keto diet …

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Keto Rasmalai

Keto Rasmalai

Are you a part of the majority that are always craving desserts?  Well, one thing that we are certain of is that you\’ve been missing them on a Keto diet. This is owed to the fact that consuming sugar is not advised when on a Keto diet. Sugar after all is the most common source …

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Keto Chocolate Cake

Keto Chocolate Cake

Keto Chocolate Cake isn’t something that is usually low carb, or even keto-friendly for that matter. The cake contains sugar and maybe some fat too. The satisfactory news for us is delicious chocolate is easier to come by than you might think on a keto diet. As low carb dieting becomes more and more popular …

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Keto Avocado Chocolate Ice-Cream

Keto Avocado Icecream

Craving for ice-cream while on keto? Well, here we have an amazing recipe of Keto avocado chocolate ice cream. What goes into making good ice cream? Or rather, what differentiates ‘good’ ice cream from ‘great’ ice cream? Is it an interesting flavor choice? Or is it the appearance of the ice cream itself? I’m not …

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Keto Chocolate Smoothie

Keto Chocolate Smoothie

You must try out this fantastic keto chocolate smoothie using just 5 easily available ingredients like cocoa powder, butter, vanilla extract, stevia, and cream. The keto diet includes lots of nut butter, peanut butter, and also low-carb snacks. While being on keto we often crave sugar and that can be met with stevia or erythritol. …

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