keto paneer recipe

keto paneer appe

Keto Paneer Appe

If you are a vegetarian and following a Ketogenic diet, this recipe comes as a delicious rescue. Keto Paneer Appe (also called appam paniyaram) is a yummy south Indian dish. These are very crispy in texture and are a delightful snack.    Nutritional Information Cal: 64.58 Net Carb: 1.16g Protein: 3.25g Fats: 5.25g Preparation time: …

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Keto Paneer Burger

Keto Paneer Burger 

Do you crave your favorite fast food on a keto diet? Do you think burgers cannot be included in your keto-diet? Luckily, we have something in store for you! This really easy Keto Paneer Burger recipe is very quick to put together, and tastes absolutely delicious! Paneer has a good range of nutrients, which makes …

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