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Keto Paneer Pizza

Keto Paneer Pizza

This Keto Paneer Pizza has a crispy thin crust, which is low in carbohydrates and is topped with protein-rich foods. Nowadays Keto and Pizza can go hand in hand, but it’s usually a timely process and takes some preparation. Now, you can prepare your pizza and eat it too – in under 5 minutes! So …

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Keto Paneer Kebab

Keto Paneer Kebab

This delicious low carb Keto Paneer Kebab recipe is a great option for those looking for spicy recipes while on Keto diet, and is absolutely healthy too!

Keto Tawa Paneer

Keto Tawa Paneer

Paneer is the major protein source for most vegetarians on the Keto diet. It’s also pretty effortless to cook at home. Moreover, if for any reason you’re having trouble being able to source paneer then you don’t need to stress, you can easily whip up paneer at home by curdling hot milk using vinegar, yogurt, …

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Low Carb Pita Bread

Low Carb Pita Bread

Sometimes you just want bread, or flatbread, or pita bread! Don’t let keto stop you! Enjoy this fluffy and satisfying Low Carb Pita Bread and stuff to your heart’s desire! Let us just say that pita bread is hard to take photos of!  Can we agree on that?? But who cares, right?  It doesn’t need …

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Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki Noodles- The Perfect Low Carb Snack

What Are Shirataki Noodles? Shirataki noodles (aka miracle noodles, aka konjac noodles, aka konnyaku noodles) is an ingredient popular in Asian cuisine. It\’s made from konjac plant which is ground and then shaped into noodles, fettuccini, or even rice. Shirataki noodles are almost zero calorie and zero carb.   They are 97% water, 3% fiber, and …

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Cheese Sauce

Easy Low Carb Cheese Sauce

This 5-minute, easy keto cheese sauce for broccoli is irresistible! Once you see how to make a cheese sauce with 3 simple ingredients, you\’ll never go back to the processed kind. The easy cheese sauce comes together in minutes with ingredients you probably already have on hand! It’s low carb, keto-friendly, and perfect for topping …

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Keto Chicken Tonnato

Keto Chicken Tonnato

Get your keto on with this amazing chicken dish! Fall in love with rich tuna, and fresh basil enveloping savory chicken. It doesn’t get much more Keto-tastic than this! Keto Chicken Tonnato! This moderate-protein, high-fat chicken dinner relies heavily on ingredients you may already have in your pantry. It’s also a keto-friendly meal, but you …

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Keto Zucchini Noodles

Keto Zucchini Noodles

This healthy zucchini noodle recipe should not be missed. Keto Zucchini Noodles are filled with delicious low carb strands of veggies because it has so much fewer carbs as compared to the regular pasta. You can enjoy this perfectly cooked tender spiralized zucchini and it is healthy as well. If you’re craving a simple and …

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Keto Brownie

Keto Brownies

Keto brownies are generally moist, chewy, and fudgy on the inside with a crisp crinkle layer on the top. They have wonderful flavor and delicious and will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings. Almond flour is best for keto desserts and is our preferred option and we highly recommend sticking with it. Keto sweeteners can be …

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Berry Avocado Smoothie

Berry Avocado Smoothie – Keto Recipe

This Berry Avocado Smoothie is undoubtedly delicious, and healthy to boot. Let\’s make our own Berry Avocado Super Smoothie every morning, and it’s awesome knowing you’ve already had a good serve of fruit and vegetables before the day even starts! This Berry Avocado Smoothie is packed full of berries, creamy avocado, and the natural protein …

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Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie

Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie – Keto Recipe

This Healthy Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie is like a liquid meal and the perfect green smoothie recipe for weight loss. You can get all the health benefits from cinnamon, nuts, and raspberries in a creamy fruity smoothie! This Healthy Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie seriously feels like drinking candy. Only it’s super good for you because apart from …

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