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I’m Sahil Pruthi and I’m the founder of Livofy. We are one of India’s largest Nutrition Consulting Company. I left my career as a Product Manager at one of India’s largest Healthcare Tech Firms to start off Livofy. We had realized that food isn’t just about the calories that you intake, but it’s also about the micro and macronutrients that you get from it, and the hormonal impact that nutrition has on your body.

A huge part of India’s population is facing chronic issues like Weight gain, Diabetes, PCOS, and Thyroid which are because of a poor lifestyle and nutrition – and we at Livofy just aim to solve that for them.

Along with our hardworking panel of expert and certified nutritionists, we have been able to help over 10000+ clients from 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe to not just lose significant weight, but also helped reverse their PCOS(in women), diabetes, and thyroid keeping in mind their hectic lifestyles, their travel schedules, and their work timings.

We simply can’t wait to get you started!

Sahil Pruthi

Founder, Livofy

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Ex Innovaccer | TravelTriangle | Samsung

ISSA Certified Nutritionist


More than 135 million people are overweight.


1 in 10 women have PCOS who are unable to manage their Diet and Stress.

Diabetes Reversed

72 million patients struggle with dietary advice and post diagnosis diet can help reduce Hba1c levels.


42 million thyroid patients have no health and well-being provider.

We Created Livofy

Livofy is one of India’s largest Nutrition Consulting Company that helps clients with Weight Loss, and better manage their PCOS, Diabetes and Thyroid through a Personalized Diet Protocol.

We have helped over 10000+ clients in 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe.

At Livofy, We Provide:

  • Personalized Care Protocols.
  • Dietary Protocol Recommendation.
  • Lifestyle Changes.

Meet Our Team

Paridhi Kohli - Nutritionist


Nutritionist (M.Sc Foods & Nutrition)

I saw people striving to sustain a healthy lifestyle all my life and it made me feel the necessity to make things better. I served as an Intern for Livofy in 2019 while doing my Master’s in Food and Nutrition. It was then when I realized the advantages and the outcomes of dieting were something that I had to share with the world. Thus, I joined Livofy and nothing has made me more satisfied than to make people fit every day.

About us


Nutritionist (M.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management)

I began my experience as a nutritionist in Narayana Healthcare while I was proceeding with my master’s in Dietetics and food service management in 2018 and worked there for 8 months, and then I worked as an intern in Fortis Healthcare for 4 months as well. Now I’m working with Livofy and I take immense satisfaction to guide people in losing their weight. I love that I got this opportunity at Livofy to helping people improve their health.



Nutritionist (M.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management)

I started my career with Msc in Dietetics and Food Service Management. And I went on with Public Nutrition Course from Delhi University post that. I have also served as a Gut Health Specialist in Ryan Fernanado and was a Diabetic coach practitioner in Just For Hearts, Pune. Having 7 years of experience, I decided to start my Journey as a Senior Nutritionist at Livofy. The kind of pace at which I have seen I have seen the company grow at, and the kind of impact that I have been able to bring in the company has been nothing short of phenomenal!


Nireeksha V

Nutritionist (M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition)

I have done my Bachelor’s in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics securing the first rank in the same, followed by a Master’s in Food Science and Nutrition from Mangalore university. I have worked as Intern Dietitian at Kasturba Medical Hospital, Mangalore for a month. I decided to start my career at Livofy as I realized the benefits and outcomes of Nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. I get to learn so much every day, and only hope I can do as well as everyone’s doing here.



Nutritionist (Masters in Food Science and Nutrition)

I did my Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics followed by a Post Graduate Diploma. Post which I pursued my Masters in Food and  Nutrition from the Institute of Home Economics, New Delhi. I have done internships at various multi-specialty hospitals like CMC, SPS Apollo, DMC, and AIIMS Delhi. I joined Livofy with the aim to reach the masses and help people become their healthier selves. I feel great to be a part of this growing team and wish to do great things ahead!



Nutritionist (Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition)

I did my Graduation in Bsc. Home Science and Post Graduation In Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University. Post that I did my internship at Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh. I have also completed a course Certificate in Food and Nutrition from IGNOU. Have an experience of 1.5 years with HealthifyMe Pvt Ltd. Looking at the kind of influence Livofy has had on their clients, I was amazed and wanted to be a part of their team, feels great to have bagged the opportunity.



(Product Manager)
Ex Innovaccer | Playsimple Games

 I was serving at one of India’s largest Healthcare tech firms and was acquiring a lot but felt I wasn’t really accomplishing my purpose. I took a pause to estimate what I really wanted to do. In 2019, when I met Sahil and he told me about the 4 P’s of why one should join a company:

Product: Will I be delivering real value to markets and customers?

Potential: Can I achieve Win-Wins, for the company and myself?

Purpose: Everyone’s better when something matters to them.

People: Machines can do, but only people and teams truly create.

I was so fascinated with his concept & the team’s enthusiasm that I instantly said yes to when he offered me to work with him.



(Product Manager)
Ex Wells Fargo

I considered Economics for the most part of my life. After finishing my master’s in Economics, I joined Wells Fargo was as an Analytic Consultant. The job was far from impact and care. I discontinued after approximately two years and have been working at Livofy in the Product Management team, ever since. This company knows how to care. I am intrigued every day at the obeisance paid to the requirements and impulses of the clients as well as the employees. It is appealing to work at a place where people are present not just because they want to make money, but because they actually want to add value.



(Product Manager)
(MBA-IIM Kozhikode, B.E.-NSIT,)

Working in a proper corporate setup before for 3 years, I was anxiously looking for a diverse culture to work with and I came across an exciting role at Livofy and I couldn’t have asked for a better chance. It has been the most fun and captivating professional experience for me so far. I was thoroughly fascinated with the kind of culture and leadership dynamics followed at Livofy. Every day has given me something new and interesting to learn in order to understand how we can create the best outcome possible for our users.



Health Consultant

I enrolled with Livofy & lost a massive 11kgs with them in 2019. The amount of diligence that they put into a client for them to be able to transform themselves is what’s the most powerful thing ever. When I transformed with them, I knew I had to work with these guys. I take pride to have been working with them, helping people live a better lifestyle and become their best selves, is what gives me utmost satisfaction to do even better every single day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’ve seen myself growing exponentially with Liovofy.



Health Consultant

Being a part of this company has been a roller coaster ride, learning and exciting all at the same time. Livofy has helped me having an in-depth knowledge of the diets, making not only pan India also clients internationally have the benefit to lose weight in an easy manner. Helping clients by providing them with customized diet plans according to their needs and health condition, making fitness their life mantra.

Sonal bhutani - Health Consultant


Health Consultant

I wanted to work in a health-tech company for a long time and Livofy gave me this opportunity to kickstart my career and learn more about fitness. I joined as an intern here two years back to see how it goes and I was slanted towards the consulting profile because I loved fitness and I really could see myself doing something phenomenal in the same field. Watching our clients transform and achieve their fitness goals the best way possible gives me a different kind of happiness altogether.

We Created Livofy

 Livofy is India’s largest Nutrition Consulting Company that helps clients with Weight Loss and better manage their PCOS, diabetes, and thyroid through a Personalized Diet Protocol.

We have helped over 10000+ clients in 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe.

At Livofy, We provide:

  • Personalized Care
  • Protocols.
  • Dietary Protocol
  • Recommendation.
  • Lifestyle Changes.

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