Communication Process

How do you typically consult?

Any new/updated diet shall be communicated to you on call/whatsapp call for international clients. The diet, recipes and supplements shall be communicated to you by email.

If you have any other queries, you can ask on a google hangouts during business hours.

Rest assured – you won’t have issues communicating with us, or getting your queries cleared.

What is the follow up process like? How is the communication process like?

We chat through Google Hangouts and you can also set up a call appointment with us,if you feel the need. And, we share the diets and recipes through Email.

In case you’re not in touch with us regularly, we make sure that we reach out to you after every 14 days from the

Will you reach out to me on a regular basis?

You can contact us on Google Hangouts whenever you have any queries or set up a call appointment with us, if required. In case you’re not in touch with us regularly,we make sure that we reach out to you after every 14 days.

Effects/Advantages of the diet and Questions on medical background

Can this diet be used for high cholesterol?

 Yes, it is safe to do the diet with high cholesterol. The dietary cholesterol is pretty insignificant with respect to the 3500 mg cholesterol produced by our body every day. In fact, your body produces more cholesterol if you have less dietary cholesterol.

And since you’ll be burning fat, there’ll be an eventual drop in the level of cholesterol. It might go up initially but you need not worry about it, it’ll come down after some time. 


I’ve heard that the keto diet results in kidney issues, Is that true?

Right now, there is no Pubmed research that has been published that talks about this.


Is it safe to diet if I have hypothyroid?

Yes, absolutely. This diet is extremely helpful with hypothyroid as it is an anti-inflammatory diet.

We help you with supplements too. Since thyroid patients cannot have soy, we ensure that your requirements for iodine, zinc, and selenium are met.

Is it safe to do the diet with high triglycerides?

 Yes, absolutely. In fact, the level of triglycerides is the first thing that reduces once you get started with the diet. Triglycerides are a part of the fat cell and since you start burning fat as you eat fat, it’ll come down when you start following this diet.

What are the kind of results that I can expect on this diet in terms of weight loss?

The diet, as we told you, is 2.2-3 times faster than the caloric deficit diet. However, the answer to this question depends on your metabolism, and most importantly how well you execute the diet.

On average, our clients lose about 1/10th of their body weight in between 2-3 months without an exercise regime in place.

Most of our clients lose way more, however.

What are the other benefits of the keto diet that I should be aware of?

 The benefits of the keto diet go way beyond just weight loss. The diet helps in fixing insulin resistance and is highly anti-inflammatory, both of which are reasons for a huge number of chronic illnesses like PCOS/PCOD, diabetes, Thyroid, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and even various cancers.

What is keto flu,exactly?

 During the initial stage of the diet when your body is entering the state of ketosis, your body switches its metabolism and tends to lose electrolytes from your body which might lower the level of certain minerals in your body.

As a response from the body,you might experience grogginess, body ache, lack of mental clarity, brain fog etc.

We help you recover from it using supplements so that you get over this stage conveniently.

What kind of medical conditions should not do the keto diet?

The diet isn’t advisable for people with kidney stones, gallbladder issues, post-pregnancy while breastfeeding.


For people who’ve tried the diet themselves

I tried the diet myself, and did not get great results. Why was that so?

That’s most likely because you did not take your macros right, or because you snacked too frequently, resulting in constant insulin spikes. We’ll be able to fix this once you start the consultation with us.

I tried the diet myself, and ended up having hair loss, nail color fade, body ache, leg ache, drowsiness etc.

 Body ache, leg ache, drowsiness are symptoms of you losing out on the minerals from your body. This was easily fixable, and just needed a simple supplement called pink Himalayan salt or magnesium and it’ll be fixed.

Issues of hair loss, fading of nails are either because of you not taking your macros right, or lack of right supplement. We shall fix this once you start working with.



I plan to make the payment now but start later. Which day is counted as the first day?

You can always make the payment in advance.The first day will be counted as the day of your first consultation call.

Is there any guarantee that I will lose weight? Is there any money back guarantee?

We do not have a money-back guarantee. However, if you execute the diet right, you’ll surely get results since the diet is backed by science. We’ve had a lot of clients who’ve done the right and got significant results. You can always check our testimonials on Instagram.

The prices are too high. Is there any discount?

We actually make a lot of effort to personalize this diet for you. So, we try to keep the prices fixed across the country. 

Although, for international clients, the prices are $100 for one month and $200 for three months.

Rest assured, your money will be worth it. 🙂

What are the modes of payment?

We accept payments by Google Pay,PhonePe,UPI, Account Transfer and Paytm.

What do I get as a proof of payment?

You receive the receipt through email once we receive the payment.

Will I get a receipt immediately after I make the payment?

Yes, you get the receipt once we receive the payment.


Pregnancy based questions

I plan to start the ketogenic diet and I’m planning to conceive, is it safe for me to do the keto diet?

Absolutely! In fact, the keto diet in the african continent is called as the banting diet, and is known to help people conceive sooner.

I want to lose my post pregnancy weight. Is it safe for people to do the keto diet for people after their pregnancy?

It is safe for people to do the keto diet after their pregnancy. However, if you’re breastfeeding, you will have to take your macros and meals exactly how we instruct them because your child needs all the nutrients through the breast fed milk.

Since it is only human for people make a few mistakes in taking their meals right, it is a good idea to take a balanced diet while you’re breastfeeding, and reach out to us for a personalised ketogenic diet once you’re done breastfeeding.

Questions about the company

Are you the nutritionist or somebody else will be helping me out in the process?

So, I’ll just be helping you out with the on-boarding process. After that, you’ll be assigned a dietician who’ll help you with the diet take things forward from there. 

Are your nutritionists certified?

Yes, you’re in safe hands 🙂


Our nutritionists are certified from some of the best nutrition institutes in the country. We have nutritionists who are ISSA 12, and from colleges like IGNOU, VLCC, Lady Irwin to name a few.


Do you cater to international clients? How do you do that?

Yes, we do. We have clients in 15 countries across the globe! The consultation calls typically happen on skype/Whatsapp call/Chat. We work on the difference in the time zone and have calls at times that are suitable for both of us.

How many clients do you have?

We can’t tell the number, and we hope you understand that. But we have consulted clients in 15 states in India and 11 countries across the globe. You can always read the testimonials on our page, and know what our clients think of us.

Regarding the Diet

Are there any long term side effects of the keto diet?

There are no long term side effects of the keto diet, provided you do your macronutrients right.


Can I lose body fat from a particular portion of my body ?

The weight loss is uniform throughout the body.

Can I lose body fat from a particular portion of my body?

The weight loss happens uniformly throughout the body.

Can we have alcohol in keto?

Alcohols slow down the production of ketones in the body, but they are still better than having carbohydrates. We shall let you know on the kind of alcohols that you can have as a part of the consultation.

How hard is it to follow?

We make the diet very doable for you. We provide you a large number of options and recipes along with the diet. 

Some clients want the diet to be scalable, so we help you to make the feasible but some of them want the diet to be fancy, so we include meals with fancy ingredients. The diet will be completely based on your meal preferences.

How is the keto diet faster than other diets for weight loss?

The keto diet is a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and a high-fat diet, where the body burns fat as you eat fat. Conventionally, our body converts carbohydrates to produce glucose and that is where we get our energy from.

When you reduce the number of carbohydrates to an extremely low level, the body looks for an alternative source of fuel. And that’s where it finds fats. The body begins to burn fats as a source of fuel to produce ‘ketones’ as you eat fats, and that’s your body results in an accelerated weight loss.

This state is called ketosis, and the diet that enables this state of ketosis is called the ketogenic diet. Basis research, this diet is known to be 2.2 to 3 times faster than the caloric deficit diet in terms of weight loss.

I am on other medicinal drugs, can I still do the keto diet?

Yes, you may but the drugs can’t have sugar in them, because then they will push you out of ketosis. Please let our nutritionists know about supplements/drugs that you are on and they should be able to help you out.

I don’t prefer to take supplements.Is the diet possible without any supplements?

We try not to give supplements unnecessarily. We add them only if you require them.

For instance, if you’re a vegetarian, it’ll be essential to add supplements to your diet as the Indian diet is low on proteins and you might face other health issues like hair fall, whitening of nails, etc. if you do not do your macros right.

If you have a medical background such as PCOS, it’s essential to meet the body’s protein as well as fiber requirements. So, we will have to add some protein supplements like protein whey to make sure that your body meets its macro requirements properly and you do not face any other issues.

You might experience drowsiness, body ache, lack of mental clarity, brain fog, etc during the initial stages of the diet. This is called keto flu and it happens because you don’t take enough electrolytes.

We will help you with simple supplements like Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium supplement to help you manage the Keto flu better.

I have a wedding to attend and need to lose weight in a short term – can I still do the keto diet?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll begin with a washout diet, give you a personalized ketogenic diet and after some time, we’ll move you to an IF plan. Keto diet along with IF is the most accelerated means of weight loss. When you are on the ketogenic diet, you burn dietary fat along with body fat but when you are on IF, you only burn your body fat. This makes weight loss rapid.

I want to put on muscle mass along with a keto diet. Is that possible?

Yes,it’s possible.We will tell you the right protein amount of protein that you need to put on muscle mass.

I’m taking those keto capsules, do they work?

There is no formal research which shows that the capsules work. We’ve had a lot of clients who were taking the capsules by themselves,initially.

Those capsules are external ketones. To be able to lose weight, you need to burn your body fat to produce ketones – which can’t happen if you are on a normal diet.


I’m a busy person, can I do this diet?

Yes, most of our clients are busy people. We give you very doable recipes, so that diet isn’t a hassle for you.

I’m a vegetarian, can I do this diet?

We’ll be honest. The keto diet is slightly harder for the vegetarian. But we make sure that we give you the maximum possible options available on this diet.


Is it necessary to workout while doing the keto diet?

Because the weight loss is quite accelerated on the keto diet, the diet works without a workout regime too. In fact, most of our clients are busy people who don’t have enough time to workout and still want to lose weight, which is where the keto diet works really well.


However, a workout regime always is a good adjuvant

The brain runs on glucose. How will the keto diet help me?

20% of brain functioning requires glucose and the remaining 80% can be achieved through ketones. The body is able to derive this 20% from proteins and stored fats.

What are macronutrients

The nutrients required by our body in large amounts are called macronutrients. These include Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins.

What happens if I take a cheat meal?

You must avoid taking a cheat meal as it tends to kick you out of ketosis. However, if you end up taking one, you must tell about this to our nutritionist so that we can plan your further diet accordingly.

What is intermittent fasting? Do I have to do intermittent fasting while on keto?

 Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. Keto diet is one of the most accelerated means of weight loss and it shows significant results even without IF.

However, keto diet along with IF is the most accelerated means of weight loss because when you are on the ketogenic diet, you burn dietary fat along with body fat but when you are on IF fasting,you burn your body fat only.

This makes weight loss rapid. When you are on the ketogenic diet, you burn dietary fat along with body fat but when you are on IF, you burn your body fat only. This makes weight loss rapid.


What will be the substitutes of sugar in keto diet?

We substitute sugar by Stevia, Erythritol, or Monk Fruit. 


Will I be able to workout comfortably on the ketogenic diet? Because I conventionally use carbohydrates to fuel my workout regime.

Yes,absolutely. Infact, you’ll feel even more energetic on the keto diet than the regular diet . 1g of Carbohydrates provide us with 4 Joules of energy whereas 1g of Fat provides us with 9 Joules of energy.


Will I gain back weight the moment I leave keto?

We help you recede from the keto diet the right way, so that whatever weight you’ve lost out on doesn’t come back. The only portion of the weight that might come back is the water weight loss, which is only between 0.5-1.5 Kgs in most of our clients.

You will not gain back weight beyond this point, provided you don’t go caloric surplus in your diet.


Will I have hair fall issues, whitening of nails, keto flu(nausea, leg ache, body ache) while I’m on a keto diet?

That largely happens because you don’t end up taking your macros properly. The hair fall/whitening of the nails happens when you don’t take your protein macros right.

The keto flu happens because you don’t take enough electrolytes, which is why you face issues like drowsiness, body ache, lack of mental clarity, brain fog, etc.

We will help you with simple supplements like Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium supplement to help you manage the Keto flu better.


Scope of Consultation

Can I get an idea about the kind of diet you’ll provide me?

The diet will be personalised based on your body parameters, macronutrient requirements, your calorie requirement, your meal preferences and number of meals that you’d like to have in a day. 

If you’re a vegetarian, your diet will consist of a large amount of green vegetables, fat sources like ghee and butter, paneer etc.

If you’re an eggetarian, your diet will consist of green vegetables, fats and whole eggs, largely.

If you’re a non vegetarian, your diet will consist of fats, meat, chicken, pork, etc.

We try to make the diet very scalable for you.

Do I have to get any blood tests done before I start with the keto diet?

We typically suggest doing blood for clients with a known medical background like thyroid, blood sugar, PCOS. If you don’t have any known medical background so far, you don’t need any blood test. If you have a known background, our nutritionist will recommend to you the right blood tests needed.

If you have blood sugar, we will need the following parameters before we start:

Fasting Insulin, HbA1C & Blood Sugar Level

Do you give workout plans or do you not?

We currently only provide you personalised diets.The diet works well even without a workout regime since it’s one of the most accelerated means of weight loss. However, a workout regime always is a good adjuvant. Please keep our nutritionists posted about your workout regime, so that they can update the diet accordingly.

Do you help me with recipes?

Yes, we give you detailed recipes that are very personalized and match your macros. We make sure that the recipes are Indian, doable for you so that you can stay on this diet for a long time.

Everything to rotis to dosas to pizzas and even even halwas, we shall have you sorted on the diet.

Do you provide 7 day plans/15 day plans?

We do not do trial plans because it gives you incomplete information, might do more harm than good and doesn’t serve the real purpose.Hence, we consult either by a month or by three months.

Do you provide any sample diet? Meal plan?

We either consult by a month or by three months. We do not give any sample diets as it does not serve the real purpose and gives you incomplete information. Also, it might end up doing more harm to you than good.

How do you measure ketones in the body?

Ketones in the body can be measured by three means:

  • Keto diastix: Measures ketones in the urine
  • Keto breath analyzer: Measures ketones through the breath
  • Blood ketone meter: Measure ketones in the blood

To start things off with, we shall be using the keto diastix to measure ketones in your body. It is the most inexpensive way to measure the ketones.

The most accurate means to do so is the blood ketone meter, but that’s quite expensive.

We shall pick the right means to measure the ketones as and when needed.

How do you monitor me?

We analyse through body fat percentage and BCA %.(BCA: Body Composition Analysis Percentage)

If you go to the gym then we’ll ask you to send your BCA report ,otherwise, we’ll ask you to send your picture so that we can get an idea of your body fat percentage.

How often will you update my diet?

There are three cases in which we update your diet:

(i) When your weight updates,we update the diet to match your macronutrient requirements and so that your weight doesn’t stagnate.

(ii) Keto diet helps in fixing insulin resistance. On reduction of insulin resistance,you might feel less hungry ,so we update it so that you are able to consume the right amount of macros.

(iii)If you want to introduce intermittent fasting in your diet,we alter your diet accordingly .

Intermittent fasting, along with keto diet is the fastest means of weight loss.

I plan to go out regularly – will you be able to help me out?

Please reach out to us in advance so that we can tell you in advance on the things you can/cannot have on the keto diet.

Make sure that you don’t have a cheat meal that is extremely high on carbohydrates because that will end up doing more harm than good. That might result in you bloating up.

Just in case you have a cheat meal, please reach out to your nutritionist. They will help you get back to a state of ketosis real quick.

I want my diet to stay Indian. Will that be possible?

Almost all our recipes shall be very Indian, and shall keep in mind your dietary preferences. You don’t need to worry much on that front.

What exactly is the washout diet?

The washout diet is an extremely low carb, high-fat diet whose aim is to get your body in a deep state of ketosis and to better understand what is the right amount of carbohydrates and a minimum number of fats that the body needs to stay in a state of ketosis.

Basis the understanding of this diet, we devise a personalized ketogenic diet for you.

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