Alpino Classic + Peanut Butter Crunch


Alpino Classic+ Peanut Butter Crunch

A particular brand of peanut butter that has crunchy peanut chunks for texture is called  Peanut Butter Crunch.  Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch well-known brand of peanut butter is frequently spread on toast, in sandwiches, and on other dishes. The roasted peanuts, salt, and sugar that go into making Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch make it a nutritious snack that is also high in protein and beneficial fats. In comparison to certain other varieties of peanut butter, it is healthier because it doesn’t contain preservatives or artificial flavours. All things considered, everyone who enjoys peanut butter should choose Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch because it is tasty and healthy.

Product Details

  • Roasted peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and salt are the ingredients.
  • The following texture is crunchy: (contains small pieces of peanuts for added texture).

Typical Nutritional Values (per 100g):

  • 610 kilocalories
  • 24g protein
  • g of carbohydrates: 21
  • including 7g of sugars
  • Fat: 50g
  • of which 10g are saturated
  • 6g fiber
  • 260 milligrammes of sodium
  • Shelf life is six months after the date of manufacturing.
  • Storage: Keep items out of the sun and in a cool, dry location.

Product Description

NUTRITIONAL FACTS 100 gm per serving
Energy(Kcal) 610 Kcal
Carbohydrate(G) 21 g
Sugars(G) 7 g
Protein(G) 24 g
Fat(G) 50 g

Health Benefits

  • Rich in protein: Peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein, which the body needs for tissue growth and repair.
  • Healthy fat source: Peanut butter contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are thought to help lower cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and zinc are all found in peanut butter, which is also a significant source of other vitamins and minerals.
  • Peanut butter, despite having a high calorie count, can aid in weight control since it is a filling food that can help curb cravings and appetite.
  • Studies have suggested that eating peanuts and peanut butter may help lower the risk of chronic illnesses such type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and several malignancies.
  • Niacin, a nutrient that is abundant in peanut butter and may aid to boost cognitive health and brain function.
  • It’s crucial to remember that peanut butter is high in calories and fat as well, so it should only be eaten occasionally as part of a balanced diet. Additionally, peanut butter shouldn’t be consumed by those who are allergic to peanuts.


Peanuts, sugar, corn syrup, and salt are the standard ingredients in a peanut butter crunch recipe. Hydrogenated vegetable oil, vanilla extract, and soy lecithin are possible supplementary components.


Due to its high fat and protein content as well as low carbohydrate content, peanut butter has a low glycemic index (GI). The glycemic load, however, can be impacted by the addition of additional components like sugar or other sweeteners.


What’s the expiry date of Alpino Classic + Peanut Butter crunch ?

The Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch’s expiration date can vary according on the production batch, however it is typically 12 months after the date of manufacture. The expiration date will be printed on the product’s label or container. It is essential to keep peanut butter in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight in order to extend its shelf life and maintain its quality. It is recommended to utilise products that have been opened within a few months and to keep them in the refrigerator to prevent degradation. Always check a product’s quality and expiration date before utilising it. Any peanut butter that seems to be moldy, rancid, or has an off-putting aroma or odour should be thrown away.

Are there any side effects of Alpino Classic + Peanut Butter crunch?

When consumed in moderation, Alpino Classic Peanut Butter crunch is typically safe to eat and has no harmful side effects. However, peanut butter has the potential to cause allergic reactions in certain people. These reactions can range from minor ones like itching and swelling to severe ones like anaphylaxis after consuming peanut butter.

Furthermore, peanut butter has a lot of calories and fat, so consuming too much of it can result in weight gain and other health problems. As part of a wholesome and balanced diet, peanut butter consumption is advised to be moderate.

Can Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch be consumed by all age groups?

Unless someone has a peanut allergy or another health issue that prevents them from consuming peanuts or peanut butter, Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Smooth is typically safe for consumption by people of all ages.

Protein, excellent fats, fiber, and other vital components that are helpful for general health can all be found in peanut butter. People of all ages, including children and adults, can add it to their meals or snacks as an easy and delectable addition.


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