Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth


Organic and Natural High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter

With roasted peanuts and organic jaggery powder, Alpino is a luscious, silky, creamy, and rich peanut butter spread. This product is loaded with protein to keep you filled longer and is perfect for sandwiches, toast, and other snacks.

It has a lot of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients in addition to having a high protein content. Additionally, it’s high in fiber, so you get two advantages at once. They blend the pure goodness of roasted peanuts with organic sugar-free jaggery (macerated sugar cane) for a wonderful flavor of sweet nectar, an energy boost, and good health. In addition, it includes potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and the vitamins E, B3, and B6.

Product Details

  • Organic and Natural High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter
  • Made with Roasted Peanuts and, Organic Jaggery Powder with, No Added
  • Sugar, Salt, and Hydrogenated Oils
  • Comes with Added Whey Protein and Pea Protein
  • The Product is Non-GMO and, Gluten-Free
  • Consists of 30 G Protein, Rich Source of Fiber, and Zero Trans Fat
  • Good Source of Vitamins E, B3 & B6
  • Rich in Minerals: Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, and Potassium
  • Manufactured Under US FDA, APEDA, BRC, and FSSAI Certified Facility, Under Strict Quality Control

Product Description

NUTRITIONAL FACTS 100 gm per serving
Energy(Kcal) 581 Kcal
Carbohydrate(G) 26 g
Sugars(G) 13 g
Protein(G) 30 g
Fat(G) 40 g

Health Benefits of Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth 

  • Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth may have the following health advantages: Protein-rich:
  • Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth contains 30% peanuts, whey protein, and pea protein, making it a very good source of protein. The body uses protein to construct and repair tissues, as well as to keep bones, muscles, and skin in good condition.
  • Natural sweetener: Using organic jaggery, a sweetener derived from sugarcane juice, as opposed to refined sugar offers a better option. Iron and other nutrients are abundant in jaggery, which also has a low glycemic index and doesn’t cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.
  • Fats that are good for the heart: Peanuts contain fats that are good for the heart, like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can lower the chance of heart disease. In addition, these fats can aid the body’s HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels rise.
  • Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth is a good source of fiber because it has 5g of fiber per 100g, which can aid in promoting a healthy digestive system and preventing diarrhea.
  • Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth is nutrient-rich and includes a number of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for overall health and wellbeing, including vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.


Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth contains the following ingredients:

Roasted peanuts: Peanuts are an excellent source of fiber, beneficial fats, and protein.

They also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E.

Whey Protein: Made from milk, whey protein is a high-quality protein that the body can digest and assimilate with ease. It can support a strong immune system and encourage muscle development and repair.

Pea Protein: Pea protein is a plant-based protein that is quickly absorbed by the body and readily digested. It is an excellent source of essential amino acids, which are vital for the body’s tissue growth and repair.

Organic Jaggery: Made from sugarcane liquid, organic jaggery is a natural sweetener. It has a low glycemic index, which means it won’t cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, and is abundant in iron and other nutrients.

Salt: Salt is added to peanut butter to give it flavor and improve its flavor.


The amount eaten will determine the Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth’s glycemic load (GL).

However, compared to normal peanut butter that includes added sugar, organic jaggery has a lower glycemic index (GI) because it is used as a natural sweetener rather than refined sugar.

The glycemic load considers both the GI and the amount of carbohydrates in a serving of food, whereas the glycemic index measures how fast a food raises blood sugar levels.

A typical serving of Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth would have a low GL because a serving size is generally around 32g and only 5g of sugar are present per 100g.


What’s the expiry date of Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth ?

The Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth’s expiration date can vary according on the production batch, however it is typically 12 months after the date of manufacture. The expiration date will be printed on the product’s label or container. It is essential to keep peanut butter in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight in order to extend its shelf life and maintain its quality. It is recommended to utilize products that have been opened within a few months and to keep them in the refrigerator to prevent degradation. Always check a product’s quality and expiration date before utilizing it. Any peanut butter that seems to be moldy, rancid, or has an off-putting aroma or odor should be thrown away.

Are there any side effects of Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth?

Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Crunch is normally safe to eat and has no negative side effects when consumed in moderation. However, some people may experience allergic responses to peanut butter. These reactions might be mild like itching and swelling or severe like anaphylaxis following peanut butter consumption. Furthermore, eating too much peanut butter can lead to weight gain and other health issues because it is high in calories and fat. It is encouraged to consume peanut butter in moderation as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Can Alpino High Protein Jaggery Peanut Butter Smooth be consumed by all age groups?

Alpino Classic Peanut Butter Smooth is normally safe for ingestion by people of all ages, unless someone has a peanut allergy or another health condition that precludes them from consuming peanuts or peanut butter. Peanut butter has a variety of essential nutrients that are good for overall health, including fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It is a simple and delicious addition that people of all ages, including kids and adults, may make to their meals or snacks.



500G, 1KG

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