Himalayan Organics Biotin 10,000Mcg for Hair Growth


Himalayan Organics Biotin Supplement – 120 tablets

About the product: Biotin 10000mcg is a unique formula curated by Himalayan Organics which is  good for your skin, hair, and nail health. One  must take water-soluble vitamins on a daily basis because the body cannot store biotin, often known as vitamin H.
The word “biotin” is derived from the Greek word “biotos,” which means “life” and is one of the vital vitamins that gives life to your hair, nails, and skin.
Himalayan Organics Biotin Supplement is available to help you since we understand how challenging it may be to maintain a biotin-rich diet while leading a hectic lifestyle.
Biotin  gives your hair a lot of nourishment and aid in their growth. It prevents brittle nails caused by a variety of factors and enhances skin tone for a radiant glow.

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