100% vegan, gluten free and dairy free drink for improved digestion

About the product: Kalmegh Bitters comes with the goodness of Kalmegh, Turmeric, Dry Ginger and Jaggery that makes it the perfect choice for people looking to improve digestion. It is Soy free and Preservatives free and helps reduce bloating, stimulate better liver function and improve metabolism. Dry ginger helps improve digestive enzymes, the Kalmegh leaves help balance stomach acid and the Moringa leaves help improve digestion speed. Best choice to reduce acidity and improve digestion. Each pack has 4 bottles.

Directions for use: Just open and drink 30 minutes before lunch. No need to mix with water. Not recommended for people on immuno-suppressants, low blood pressure or with diarrhea.


Pack of 4, Pack of 24

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