Vanalaya Butterfly Pea Tea: 25g


Rich in Antioxidants For weight loss, Reduce stress and Anxiety.

About the product: A cup of blue tea has several antioxidants that are wonderful for skin and hair. This tea also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that maintain your skin and hair healthy and prevent premature ageing. The presence of many antioxidants in blue tea is one of its advantages. The body fights free radicals, which are harmful and speed up ageing, with the aid of these potent bio-compounds. It is advisable to occasionally detox the body with an antioxidant-rich beverage like blue pea tea. It revitalizes the mind and increases mental activity and performance. You’ll feel terrific and stay energized as a result. The anti-glycation qualities of blue pea flowers are great for the skin and help delay ageing of the skin.

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