Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

The ketogenic food plan requires you to reduce back on carbs, which means eliminating higher-carb meals like fruit from your diet. Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly? Fortunately, as compared with different fruits, watermelon is distinctly low in carbs and may be enjoyed as a ketogenic diet. It will assist you in losing weight, scaling back inflammation, and cleansing …

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Shark Tank India Fame Keto India Rebrands To Livofy, Raises 550k USD

Keto India was set in motion in 2019 by our founder, Sahil Pruthi post an intense two-year-long research period in which he scrutinize the benefits of nutrition and supplementation in Weight Loss and Lifestyle Disease Management. Now our company is rebranding itself as Livofy in order to reflect its widen focus. The rebranding is happening in …

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A light and a fluffy chocolate cupcake – you’ll never guess it’s gluten-free! These gluten-free chocolate coconut cupcakes are topped with whipping cream and shredded coconut for a delicious dessert any coconut lover will enjoy!! Ingredients For the cake 1/3 cup cocoa powder 125g unsalted butter, room temperature 6 eggs, separated 1/3 cup granulated sugar …


control diabetes

Lifestyle Changes to Help Control Diabetes

Making certain lifestyle adjustments can help prevent and control diabetes, the most common type. If you are currently at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes as a result of being overweight or obese, having high cholesterol. Additionally having a history of diabetes in your family, prevention is especially important. Lifestyle changes can prevent or …

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Blueberries- Nutritional Importance

Blueberries- Nutritional Importance and Health Benefits

Blueberries are small, round, purple, or blueberries belonging to the heather family. Blueberries have tons of Nutritional Importance and Health Benefits. Highbush and lowbush blueberries are the two most common varieties. As a crop, their history dates only to the dawn of the 20th century, when the daughter of a New Jersey farmer teamed up …

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Keto Paneer Fries

Keto Paneer Fries

Fries are one of those foods that make going low-carb impossible. Everyone loves a good salty, crunchy, comforting french fry! It’s the high carbs, and guilt that makes me steer away from regular potato french fries, however. Even when they seem like a good idea at the time, the next day tends to make you …

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jogging benefits

Jogging Benefits

Somewhere between a quad-burning, sweat-lathered sprint and a leisurely stroll, there’s a sweet spot known as the jog. Jogging is a popular form of physical activity. Jogging is a form of sustained running or trotting at a steady and slow pace. It is much slower than running but is faster than walking. It is an …

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The trending Keto Avocado Popsicles are the best and the most salubrious option for summer days. The family would appreciate you for giving them something this yummy. The keto avocado popsicles are an amazingly delicious creamy frozen treat that is slightly sweetened with a trace of vanilla. Furthermore, just several ingredients give these pops a …


Grilled Vegetable Wrap With Balsamic Mayo

Grilled Vegetable Wrap With Balsamic Mayo

Grilled Vegetable Wrap With Balsamic Mayo is a gluten-free Balsamic Roasted Vegetable Sandwich that is rich and satisfying. Roasted garlic mayo compliments the roasted vegetables, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Ingredients 1/4 of an eggplant thinly sliced (1 cup sliced) 1 red pepper  thinly sliced 1 large zucchini thinly sliced 3/4 cup sliced onion 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar olive oil salt and pepper 3 tablespoons chopped basil bread …

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Keto Paneer Roll

Keto Paneer Roll

If you like Indian street food as most others do, you are in for a real treat. So, we bring to you this healthy guilt-free version of the Keto Paneer Roll. And, you are definitely in store for some amusement with the mouth-watering flavors it has to offer. Well, we assure you of zero disappointment! …

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chocolate cake with chocolate glaze


This keto chocolate cake with chocolate glaze proves that bad-tasting desserts don’t have to make you feel foggy and fatigued. With a silky chocolate glaze and perfect crumb, this keto- and paleo-friendly cake is free from grains, sugar, and milk — but still delivers perfect fudgy flavor in every bite. There’s nothing like finishing a …


Vegan Mushroom Latte

Vegan Mushroom Latte

Creamy, hearty vegan mushroom latte ready in just 5 minutes (2 ways!). Mushroom powders blend with cacao or coffee to create the ultimate cozy hot beverage. Here is a quick recipe for Vegan Mushroom Latte: PREP TIME: 4 minutes | COOK TIME: 1 minute | TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes Ingredients MUSHROOM HOT CACAO LATTE 1 tsp mushroom powder 1 tsp maple syrup (or …

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BBQ Pizza

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

One of the best ways to spend your lazy Sunday is by having Pizza. Everybody loves Pizza. You can never go wrong with Barbeque Chicken Pizza. This pizza can be eaten by diabetics. The flours used in this recipe have low carbohydrates.  Also it’s delicious and pretty easy to make. Diabetics have to make sure …

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feta garbanzo bean salad

Easy Superfood Recipes For Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin. It’s a chronic disease that requires changes that last a lifetime. The management of diabetes includes medical nutrition therapy, medication, exercise, blood glucose control, and self-management education. So we have come up with some easy superfood recipes for diabetes. You …

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Goiter and Thyroid

Goiter and Thyroid

What is a goiter? A goiter is the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck just below Adam’s apple. A goiter may occur from abnormal cell proliferation that causes one or more lumps in the thyroid or it may be an overall enlargement …

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Colocasia Leaf Raita

Colocasia Leaf Raita

Colocasia Leaf Raita is made by combining this low-carb leaf with curds, lemon juice, and an aromatic and flavourful tempering that enhances the subtle taste of the leaves. Use low-fat curds to curb the fat content. Serve them with Methi Crispies or Spicy Pudina Khakhras to enjoy a light snack. Colocasia leaves are a common …

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Grilled Caesar Salad

Grilled Caesar Salad

Grilled Caesar Salad is a smokey spin on the classic recipe. Leafy sections of romaine are seared on the barbecue to create a lightly charred texture. The flavors come together with a drizzle of creamy homemade caesar dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese. Caesar salad is a staple on restaurant menus, but it can be easily …

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Gluten-Free Dumplings Recipe

Gluten-Free Dumplings Recipe

A dumpling is a comprehensive arrangement for a dish that consists of portions of dough obtained from a variety of vitality reservoirs covered around a filling. Including just gluten-free flours and water, these pliable gluten-free dumplings with the help of Gluten-Free Dumplings Recipe. Preparing an external layer using bread, flour, or potatoes. You can fill …

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What is HbA1c

What is a hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test?

What is the HbA1c test? Introduction Glycated haemoglobin, often known as HbA1c, is a substance that is created when your body’s natural sugar (glucose) adheres to your red blood cells. More sugar attaches to your blood cells and accumulates in your blood because your body can’t utilise it effectively. Red blood cell activity lasts for …

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Loaded Black Bean Dip

Loaded Black Bean Dip

Mouth-watering Loaded Black Bean Dip with pureed black beans, corn, bell pepper, Cotija cheese, and classic Mexican toppings. Black beans are considered a superfood for diabetics. Studies suggest that adding black beans to a meal can help keep blood sugar levels stable in people with type 2 diabetes. One of the main reasons why black …

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Chicken Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms One Pot Pasta

Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms One Pot Pasta

To make Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, and Mushrooms One-Pot Pasta you only have to dirty one pot! This easy pasta recipe cooks chicken and vegetables right along with the noodles. Plus, by using the exact amount of water you need to cook the pasta, the starch that usually gets drained off with your pasta water stays …

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Hash Brown Egg Nests

Eggs in Hash Brown Nests

These Hash Brown Egg Nests are the ultimate breakfast recipe to serve on any Spring morning. And they have now become one of the most appealing recipes from friends and family for Easter morning. It all begins with shredded hash brown potatoes and cheese that are formed in a muffin tin to resemble a bird’s …

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Walnut Oil For Diabetes

Walnut Oil For Diabetes

What Is Walnut Oil? Walnut oil is created by pressing walnuts until all of the oils have been released. It has a golden brown color and a pleasant, nutty taste that turns somewhat bitter when heated excessively. You should certainly avoid using this cooking oil over high heat. Walnut oil can be easily found in …

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Size Zero

Zero Size

Nowadays, women are going on crash diets and intensive workouts to flatten out all their curves and get to the size zero figure Right? But most people are clueless about the measurements that fit into the size zero category. In the west, celebs starve themselves to get to the size zero figure. Whereas, back home …

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Keto Headache

Keto Headache

The ketogenic diet is popular and helps in accelerated weight loss. Some people experience a headache and call it a Keto Headache. Some people experience uncomfortable side effects when first starting the diet. Keto Headaches are one of the most common symptoms. This article will help you know the causes of Keto headaches on the …

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Low Carb Dals

Low Carb Dals

Low-carb diets are common nowadays and so is Low Carb Dals. Low-carb foods help to lose weight and many other medical conditions. When following a low-carb or ketogenic diet one might be confused while choosing Low Carb Dals. This article will help you understand the carbohydrate content and categorization of Low Carb Dals. What does …

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Low Carb Dals

Black Beans

The Black beans Fall into the legume family. The black turtle bean is a small, shiny variety of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) especially popular in Latin American cuisine, though it can also be found in the Cajun and Creole cuisines of south Louisiana. Similar to the varieties of the common bean, it is native …

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Frying Cheese

Frying Cheese

Our Frying cheese is a dish prepared using cheese that is fried in oil. It can be dipped in a batter before frying and can be pan-fried or deep-fried. This can be served as an appetizer or a snack. Fried cheese is a common food in Brazil and the Dominican Republic and is typically served …

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Keto Modak

While you think about Ganesh Chaturthi you think about life-size statues of Lord Ganesha, unbelievable dance moves, and an all-around good time. However, most significantly, you think about the food – especially Modak. So if you’re on a ketogenic diet suddenly you know that you aren’t reckoned to eat sugar, but the taste of modak …

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Dietary Protocols To Manage PCOS

Foods To Regulate PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that causes hormonal imbalances and problems with metabolism. Some research has shown that diet can help reduce the impact of PCOS. In this blog, you’ll understand and know about Foods To Regulate PCOS. How does diet regulate PCOS? Two of the main ways that diet affects PCOS are weight …

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