Fenugreek Seeds For Diabetes

Fenugreek seeds for Diabetes are like Homeopathic medicines for any disease, This means, like how homeopathic medicines takes time to treat any disease but is extremely helpful to cure the disease. In the same way, Fenugreek seeds do take time to cure diabetes but is really very helpful to treat the medical conditions.

Fenugreek is a plant in the Fabaceae family. It is ploughed across the globe as a semiarid crop. The leaves of fenugreek consists  three small obovate to oblong leaflets. The Fenugreek leaves and seeds are very commonly used in several dishes in the Indian subcontinental.  Fenugreek seeds are used as culinary ingredient.

Fenugreek is an herb which gives a lot of health benefits and has decent medicinal value. Apart from adding flavor to dishes, It helps to cure various known medical conditions such as lowering high blood sugar levels, milk production in breastfeeding mothers, boosting up the testosterone. Also may reduce cholesterol levels, appetite control, prevent cancer, alleviating digestive problems, treating acid reflux and lower inflammation.

How helpful are Fenugreek Seeds for Diabetes?

Fenugreeks seeds for people with Diabetes are extremely helpful to control the blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds has high soluble fibre, that helps lowering the blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. It acts as an antidiabetic, by reducing fasting glucose levels & improved glucose tolerance in the human body.

Fenugreek seeds helps in fixing the insulin resistance in the human body. These seeds can also help in improving metabolic associated with both type 1 & type 2 diabetes. They have an amino acid, which is known as anti-diabetic properties that helps in increasing insulin sensitivity.

Nutritional Value :

Serving Size = 100 grams

Calories = 323

Daily Value%

  • Total Fat = 6.2 grams                                                                                                10%
  • Cholesterol = 0 mg                                                                                                     0%
  • Sodium = 62 mg                                                                                                         3%
  • Total Carbohydrates = 58.14 grams                                                                       19%
    Dietary Fiber = 22grams                                                                      88%
    Sugars = 0 grams
  • Protein = 22.39 grams                                                                                              45%
Some more benefits and Tips :

Fenugreek seeds also helps in weight reduction. It is extremely helpful for the people who want to loose weight with some easy ways.  Fenugreek is a potential natural ingredient that helps in burning the body fat. Now the question is what is the right way to consume it to loose weight? A tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds need to be soaked in room temperature water overnight. Consume it in the next morning. Alternately, the seeds can be boiled in water, and to be drunk after straining it.

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