Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

If you are wondering what food to avoid to lose weight very quickly, you are at the right place. We dwell extensively on taking note of all the foods that we need to incorporate into our diet, while also emphasizing on cutting calories. Although following a calorie deficit diet remains imperative for weight loss, it is also important to make careful choices of foods that one consumes. The overall nutritional profile of the food should be such that it keeps you satiated and full for long and also contributes to overall well-being of your health. Thus, it is advised to consume foods that are rich in fiber and protein. Items rich in fats, sugar or refined carbs are foods to avoid to lose belly fat. Sugared beverages, white bread, processed fast foods, refined flour or potato chips are some of the foods to avoid to lose weight very quickly. These foods lead to unnecessary weight gain and give rise to several other health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and more. Delve deep into the blog to more on the subject of what all foods to avoid for fat loss. 

Why we should avoid some foods to lose weight

While starting our weight loss journey, we delve deep into everything we need to incorporate into our lifestyle, from diet, eating patterns to exercise routine. We strive to keep note of all that is to be added. It is crucially important to note all things that are to be consumed and included. However, it is equally vital to be aware of all things that should be scraped off from regular routine. What foods to avoid for fat loss is one of the most imperative aspects to deal with. Some foods are excessively high in fat, sugar and refined while being disappointingly low in essential nutrients. These foods are deemed as empty calories which are only adding to the overall calorie intake of our body and aren’t contributing to the nutritional growth of our body. This makes the overall weight loss journey difficult. Cutting calories alone isn’t enough to achieve a healthy weight loss. It is equally wise and considerate in terms of foods that you are opting to eat. Sugary beverages, bakery delights, fried and processed items are some of the foods to avoid while losing weight. If one regularly consumes the foods to avoid to lose belly fat, it won’t just pose a threat to their weight loss journey but also end up hampering thier overall health in long run. 

16 Foods to avoid to lose weight

When starting a weight loss journey, we are mindful about what food we should devour. However, it is equally important to give careful consideration to what foods to avoid to lose weight. One should refrain from calorie-dense foods and those that lack essential nutrients such as fiber and protein. These foods will keep you unsatiated and give way to overeating which can pose a threat to your weight loss journey. Below mentioned are some of the foods to avoid while losing weight.  

1. Sugar

Sugar infused beverages or food items like soda or candies are excessively high in calories and added sugar. Both of these factors contribute vastly to weight gain and disastrously impacts health in the long run. Such sweetened items do not make you feel full and you usually end up consuming much more than your normal intake. 


  1. Risk of diabetes: Excessive release of sugar in your bloodstream can give way to insulin resistance. It is essential to enhance the insulin sensitivity of our body as it helps in transporting sugar from the blood into the body’s cells to be utilized as energy. 
  2. Depression: Consumption of sugar leads to an instant spike in dopamine, the feel good hormone. As the hormonal high comes down, you tend to crave for more. This leads to frequent and unhealthy consumption of sugar which is often linked to depression in adults. Thus, sugar falls to the top of the list of foods to avoid to lose weight. 

The healthier alternative to sugar can be raw honey, date sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar or jaggery. These are more fulfilling and have fewer calories in comparison to refined sugar. 

2. White Bread

White bread typically refers to the bread that is made up of wheat flour. These breads fall under the foods to avoid to lose weight as they are highly refined and are coated with added sugars. They also have a high glycemic index which can lead to high spike in blood sugar levels increasing the risk of diabetes. 


  1. Causes obesity: The content of white bread is rich in artificial chemicals, preservatives and added sugars. The highly refined quality and starch-content of white bread can give way to an array of stomach related issues such as acid reflux, bloating or constipation. These factors along with lack of essential nutrients can give rise to obesity or problems of being overweight.
  2. Increases risk of diabetes: During the process of bleaching, white bread loses its healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals. The glycemic index of white bread is alarmingly high, which is 100. Owing to the high GI score, the influx of blood sugar levels increases in your body increasing the risk of diabetes. Increased blood sugar levels can also lead to binge eating and therefore preventing weight loss. 

Some of the better alternatives to white bread include whole grain bread, whole wheat bread or Ezekiel bread that is made out of sprouts and legumes. White bread is one of the foods to avoid for fat loss and thus should be substituted with other healthier options. 

3. Fried Foods

The french fries that we all like to devour endlessly comes with multiple health risks. Most of these health risks are because of the oil that the potatoes are fried into. These food items are incredibly high in calories and unhealthy fats. Fried foods are amongst the top foods to avoid to lose weight. 


  1. Damages brain health: Fried are deep fried in hydrogenated oils which contain abundance of trans fat. These harmful fats can give rise to bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. Increased amount of trans fat in blood has been linked to neurological disorders of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Thus, french fries are amongst the foods to avoid while losing weight as it can also have a troubled effect on your brain health. 
  2. Complicates immunity: Consumption of overtly fat and greasy diet has been known to damage gut health. This is because they can destabilize the bacterial metabolism by damaging the growth of healthy bacteria. A healthy gut plays an important factor in enhancing the immune system. Thus, an unhealthy gut can disturb the functioning of the immune system failing to protect from several infections and diseases. 

If potato is what you are craving, resorting to baked ones is much better than consuming french fries. The nutritional profile of baked potatoes is higher than that of fried ones as the former still contains skin. 

4. Packed fruit juices

We often end up gulping down an excessive amount of packaged juices in the guise of them being healthier than other packaged drinks. However, that is far from the truth and these packaged delights come rolled in added sugar and contain very little nutritional value. 


  1. Lack of nutrients: The packaged drinks get depleted in oxygen with the process of pasteurization it undergoes. The concentration process that is involved in making the packaged juices deprives it all of the nutrients. Thus, consumption of packaged juices provides you with no nutritional supplement and only artificial sweeteners and preservatives. 
  2. Lack of fiber: One of the most important nutrients that can be extracted out of fruits include fiber. However, during the processing these packaged juices are squeezed out of any fiber. There is often a misunderstanding that the pulp in these juices contain fiber. In fact, there are bo pulp and they are mere artificial additives. 

The enhanced alternative to packaged juices is to consume whole fruits which will give you all the necessary nutrients along with refreshing flavor. 

5. Processed Fast Foods

Remember the time when our mothers endlessly called us out on eating junk, making us weary of all its disastrous impacts? Well, she wasn’t wrong after all. Packaged fast food are highly processed or mass produced foods. Despite their popular demand, these are packaged poisons that don’t just contribute to unnecessary weight gain but also give rise to health complications. 


  1. Increases blood pressure: Packaged food items come loaded with sodium. Consumption of high-sodium food is linked to increased blood pressure. This can have unhealthy impacts on your heart health and may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
  2. Causes bloating: Consuming meals that are high in sodium, unhealthy fats or simple carbs can give rise to bloating. Although the bloating is temporary, it can make you uneasy and tight. Thus, packaged foods are one such foods to avoid to lose weight. 

Sandwiches, smoothies or homemade pizzas can be deemed as a healthier substitute to processed fast foods. They are low in sodium and also have less carbs or calories. 

6. Refined breads and pastas

Refined breads and pastas are high in simple carbs which get broken down in the bloodstream and give rise to blood sugar. The simple carbs also get easily digested which can give rise to hunger pangs more quickly. The glycemic index of refined bread is also considerably high which can give rise to problems of type 2 diabetes. 


  1. Leads to overeating and obesity: Refined carbs are low in fiber and can get digested quickly which leads to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. This coupled with the problem of low glycemic score of refined carbs can give rise to overeating as they are less fulfilling food items. Frequent eating can raise the problems of obesity or unhealthy weight gain in people. 
  2. Increases risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes: Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are highly common problems that people are dealing with today. Moreover, people with type 2 diabetes stand a higher chance of developing heart diseases. Excess consumption of refined carbs like breads and pastas have been linked to insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels which are the main symptoms of type 2 diabetes. 

Rye bread, cauliflower bread or pizza crust, Butternut Squash, Sourdough bread, corn tortillas, and Ezekiel bread serves as a healthier substitute to refined breads and pastas. Refined breads and pastas are amongst the top foods to avoid to lose weight. 

7. White rice

White rice has secured the place of staple crown in all Indian households and is enjoyed with several meals. Although delighted by a huge mass, white rice is deemed to be one of the foods to avoid to lose weight. White rice has far less nutritional value than brown rice with considerably high carb and calorie content, thus it can contribute to weight gain. 


  1. Prevents weight loss: White rice lacks its outer layer, bran and its nutrient core called germ. The rice is also highly refined and has been stripped of its vitamins and minerals. Consumption of white rice has been linked with obesity and weight gain. 
  2. Increases metabolic syndrome risk: It has been observed that people consuming high amounts of white rice have grown more prone to metabolic syndrome risk. Metabolic syndrome refers to various risk factors that can enhance the possibility of certain health complications such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. 

Brown rice retains its germ and bran making it more nutritious than white rice. Quinoa also serves as a better alternative to white rice because it has higher nutritional value consisting of all nine essential amino acids. 

8. Sweetened yogurt

The delicacy of yogurt that is often deemed as a healthy option for weight loss diet can also be recommended otherwise when mixed with added sugars. The sweetened or flavored yogurts are rich in added sugar which can give way to sudden rise in blood sugar levels which increases frequent cravings and leads to unnecessary weight gain.


  1. Heart diseases: Excess intake of sweetened food items gives rise to blood sugar levels and also increases insulin resistance. High insulin resistance is directly linked with an increased risk of heart diseases. Higher accumulation of fat through sugar intake can lead to fatty liver problems which further increases the chances of cardiovascular concerns. 
  2. Higher blood pressure & inflammation: Sugar can increase the production of nitric oxide in blood vessels which can lead to higher blood pressure. This can increase the chances of hypertension. The rise of blood sugar levels can also cause cell damage which leads to inflammatory response from the immune system. This can make a gateway for inflammatory diseases. 

Greek yogurt or plain curd is deemed as a much healthier substitute to sweetened yogurt. These aren’t just dense in nutrients but also help in reducing fat which contributes to weight loss. 

9. Milk beverages 

Milk beverages make a consistent presence in our daily diets and do provide a bundle of benefits. However, milk beverages might be considered as foods to avoid for fat loss given its high concentration of saturated fat which is linked to several lifestyle diseases.


  1. Heart diseases: Milk and other dairy products are considered as one of the richest sources of saturated fat that clogs the arteries. They are also rich in cholesterol. The unhealthy combination of saturated fat and cholesterol is a direct gateway to increased risk of heart diseases. 
  2. May cause cancer: Some researchers have cited a direct linkage between high fat hormones present in milk and other dairy products with breast cancer. The same can also increase the risk of prostate cancer, partially because of the negative impact of high-calcium foods on Vitamin D balance. 

Milk beverages, despite their benefits, are deemed as foods to avoid to lose belly fat. Soy milk stands as a great substitute as its nutritional profile resembles closely with cow milk. Almond, rice, coconut or hemp milk can also be swapped with that of milk beverages. 

10. Bakery Products

Baked goods are often the savory and sugared jollies that people resort to as sweet comfort. However, bakery products like pastries, cookies or cakes come loaded with calories and added sugar. Excess consumption of sugar leads to problems of overweight and obesity which can further increase the chances of health risks. 


  1. High in calories & sugar: The amount of calories in baked products are excessively high given their sugar and fat content. This can pose a threat of generating obesity and in turn raises several health concerns. The high sugar concentration is also harmful as it leads to a spike in blood sugar levels that increases risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. 
  2. Rich in saturated fats: Bakery products like croissants, cakes or donuts have rich concentration of saturated fats which increases the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. High levels of cholesterols is a leading cause for increased risk of heart diseases. 

One can understand the acute longing for sweets at times. Instead of resorting to high calorie products, you can go for dark chocolates, fruits or chia pudding to satiate your sweet cravings. 

11. Maida or refined flour

The refined flour that is widely used in most of our beloved cuisines isn’t all healthy and fit. They are used to make pizza bases, samosas, chole bhature and more. The content of maida is high in calories but lacks necessary nutrients. The manufacturing process scrapes off maida of all its essential vitamins and minerals. 


  1. Leads to weight gain: Maida or refined flour are foods to avoid to lose weight as they contain simple carbs which easily get digested and leaves you craving for more. Thus consumption of maida can increase the intake of calories leading to weight gain. 
  2. Contains SMBS: Refined flour contains benzoic acid which is known to be harmful for pregnant women and growing children. They also have considerable concentration of  sodium metabisulphite (SMBS) which is a common preservative used extensively in the food industry. They tend to have negative health implications leading to heart irregularity and breathing difficulties.

There are flours which contain a healthy amount of fiber along with several other nutrients. Some of these include flours made from ragi, buckwheat, coconut or almond. 

12. Alcohol 

The contents of alcoholic beverages are rich in empty calories which can contribute to weight gain and give rise to a series of other health concerns. Alcohol consumption has also been acutely linked to liver diseases and certain cancers. Alcohol is amongst the top foods to avoid lose belly fat. 


  1. Weight gain: Alcohol contains a lot of calories especially beer and thus regular consumption of the same can make one bulky with the unnecessary weight gain. Thus, alcohol should be enjoyed only occasionally and in moderation. 
  2. Lead to chronic diseases: Consumption of excess alcohol or for a prolonged period of time can give rise to several health risks such as High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems. They can also lead to certain cancers such as that of mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon or breast. 

Non-alcoholic beverages or light beers serve as a healthier alternative to alcohol as they help in reducing the calorie intake. Drinking wine in small amounts can also be considered comparatively better as they have fewer calories and can also give away certain health benefits. 

13. Ice cream

Consuming a stick or scoop of your favorite ice cream to beat off the heat of scorching summer is fine every now and then. However, ice cream contains an abundance of added sugars and is laced in calories which can have a negative effect on weight management journey as well as on overall health of an individual. 


  1. High calorie, Low nutrients: The content of ice cream is substantially high in calories and incredibly low in nutrients. The only nutrients present in ice cream include calcium and phosphorus and that too in minimal amounts. Thus, regular consumption of ice creams will add no nutritional value to your diet and only enhance the calorie intake.  
  2. High in added sugar: A 65g serving of ice cream contains more than 12-24 gms of added sugar. Excess consumption of ice cream can spike the blood sugar in your body leading to increased risk of diabetes and binge eating. 

Consuming frozen desserts at home can be considered a healthier option than consuming ice creams. Consuming frozen greek yogurt can also satiate your cravings for something sweet and chilled without adding excessively to the calories. 

14. Milk and banana

Both the items of milk and bananas are dense in nutrients providing multiple health benefits, however, the combination of both can fall amongst the categories of foods to avoid for fat loss. Contrary to the popular belief, these ingredients might not make for a nutritional powerhouse and may just end up raising health concerns as also cited by Ayurvedic health. 


  1. Can contribute to weight gain: Although considered very healthy items, the combination of both food ingredients are considerably high in calorie count. One can cherish the combination every now and then. However, frequent servings of the same can lead to unnecessary weight gain. 
  2. May disturb digestion: Some studies claim that milk and bananas can lead to disruption in the digestive system. Moreover, they can also contribute to sinus congestion, cold & cough and other allergies in the body.

Consuming both the items separately can serve as a better alternative than consuming the combination of the same. 

15. Potato Chips

Potato chips are the go to snacking for a number of people. However, the ingredients used to make potato chips won’t pose a surprise with them being categorized as foods to avoid to lose weight very quickly. Potato chips lack all the beneficial nutrients primarily because they are made up of processed grains and starchy potatoes. 


  1. Causes obesity: Fried chips lack essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are also high in unhealthy fats, calories and sodium. The fta and carbs content can considerably lead to unnecessary weight gain and also contribute heavily to increasing health risks. 
  2. Increased risk of heart diseases: Fried chips are known to consist of high amounts of trans fat which has been linked to cardiovascular diseases. These fat can get accumulated which may give rise to fatty liver disease and further enhance the chances of a cardiac arrest.

Kale chips or lotus stem chips offer a healthier and more nutritious substitute to deeply fried potato chips. They are crunchy in taste and also rich in nutrients. 

16. Frozen meals

On some occasions, frozen foods do come as a handy delight. However, certain frozen meals excessively lack nutrients and contain an unhealthy amount of calories and sodium. Thus, it is advisable to be careful of the content when opting for frozen meals. 


  1. High in sodium: Frozen meals are often high in sodium content. Excess consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure increasing the risk of hypertension, heart diseases and stroke. 
  2. Excess fat and calories: Often frozen foods are remarkably high in fat content which doubles the amount of calories present in any food. This makes frozen meals high in both fat and calorie content which can contribute to weight gain and also give rise to several health concerns. 

Often people resort to frozen meals because of the convenience they bring. However, frozen meals are some of the foods to avoid to lose belly fat. Healthier alternatives to such meals include consuming home cooked meals that are easy to prepare and far more convenient. For instance, poha, upma, egg omelet and others. 

Simple tips to avoid some foods to lose weight

Although the rules are simple and comprehensive, it may happen that one may end up consuming items from the foods to avoid for fat loss. Often, we unknowingly end up intaking unhealthy foods that lack nutrition and are only high in calories. In that case, it can become extremely difficult to lose weight even if you exercise regularly. Below mentioned are some simple tips that would help you stay away from foods to avoid while losing weight.

1. Eating regular meals: To make sure, you do not end up binging on foods to avoid for fat loss, consume regular meals. One should make a schedule of their eating pattern throughout the day clocking the timings and designating the meals. This will help in preventing munching on unhealthy and junk items as the regular eating will keep you full and satiated.

2. Consume Nutrient-rich, Low calorie snacks: Snacking is the biggest threat to one’s weight loss journey. Unhealthy choice of snacks can lead to excess consumption of calories. It is advisable to consume snacks that are low in calories and nutrient-dense such as chia seeds pudding, mixed nuts, fruits or yogurt. Choose snacks that are rich in fiber and protein which will keep you satiated for long and prevent overindulgence.

3. Avoid sugary drinks, choose water: Whenever cravings for some hydrating drink strikes, drink water first before resorting to sweetened beverages. Water is more fulfilling and contains zero calories. This will help in eating moderately and prevent weight gain.

4. Get proper sleep: Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. Improper sleep induces hunger hormones and suppresses satiating hormones which will end in you eating foods to avoid to lose weight very quickly. Indulging in an uninterrupted and sound sleep will help in keeping munching on foods to avoid for fat loss at bay.  

Expert Review on Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

While starting the weight loss journey, we often find ourselves asking the question, what foods to avoid to lose weight very quickly? Foods that are rich in refined carbs, sugar and unhealthy fats are the ones that should be evidently avoided. These items increase the calorie intake and severely lack nutritional value. These items are amongst the foods to avoid to lose belly fat because they are low in fiber and protein and contain simple carbs which are easily digested. This leaves you unsatiated and promotes more frequent eating. This can further lead to unnecessary weight and also give rise to several health complications. Sugared beverages, white bread, processed fast foods, refined flour or potato chips are some of the foods to avoid to lose weight. Eating regular meals, monitoring your portion, avoiding sugary drinks and choosing water instead, carefully picking the snacking option and getting proper sleep is essential for sticking to a weight loss plan so as to attain a healthy weight. 


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1. Which Indian food should you avoid for weight loss?

Samosas, pakoras, naan, vada pav are some of the Indian foods to avoid to lose weight. These items are high in fat and empty calories which escalates the fat accumulation leading to fatty liver disease and weight gain. 

2. What drinks do you avoid to lose weight?

Sugary drinks like sodas, carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices are some of the drinks that should be avoided to lose weight. These drinks are high in added sugars and can lead to blood sugar spike. This evokes binge eating and also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

3. What carbs should I avoid to lose weight?

One should avoid refined or simple carbs to lose weight such as sugar or white flours. These items are excessively added in processed foods. They are simple in nature and get easily digested. This leaves you feeling hungry frequently and you unnecessarily end up consuming excess calories. 

4. What are the 3 foods to quit?

Amongst the foods to avoid to lose weight, diet soda, read meat and processed & refined foods rank highest. These items don’t just contribute to weight gain but also give rise to several chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. 

5. What high-calorie foods to avoid for weight loss?

French fries, potato chips, white bread, pastries, cookies or cakes are some of the high calorie foods to avoid to lose weight. These foods are high in sodium, refined carbs, added sugars and fats. All of these contribute towards weight gain and also give rise to health risks. 

6. What fruits should you avoid for weight loss?

Fruits with higher glycemic index and excess calories should be avoided for weight loss. Fruits with high glycemic index leads increases blood sugar levels which promotes overeating and also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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