Reasons Why Keto Stopped Working For You

Reasons Why Keto Stopped Working For You

A low carb diet that has quickly gained popularity as an extremely effective facilitator of weight loss, the Keto diet has been the key to achieving weight loss goals and improved health for many. However, there are multiple reasons why Keto stopped working for you. The good news though is that with certain adjustments, you can make sure that you reap all the benefits a Keto diet has to offer. 

Here’s what happens when you adopt a Keto diet. Owing to the drastic reduction in the daily consumption of carbohydrates, a Keto diet pushes your body in a  state of “Ketosis” wherein your body switches its metabolism to burning fats as a source of fuel for your body. 

Adopting a diet is a significant change to your lifestyle and can be rather overwhelming sometimes. However, to make sure you maximize the efficiency of a Keto diet, you need to make sure you follow it to a tee. Any discrepancies, whether major or minor can lead to significant hindrances in the working efficiency of the diet.

Let us discuss some of these discrepancies and give you a deeper insight into how these might hinder the effectiveness of your Keto diet.


Here Are Some Reasons Why Keto Stopped Working For You


You’re Not Cutting Down On Those Carbs

Reasons WHy Keto Stopped Working For You

Achieving the state of Ketosis is the most important factor when it comes to a Keto diet. To achieve this state you need to drastically reduce the number of carbs you consume.  This will help push your body to utilize fats as a source of energy.

Essentially, your daily carb intake should not exceed the 20-50g limit whilst on a Keto diet. Therefore, if you notice that you’re not losing weight even after adopting a keto diet, it\’s probably because you\’re still eating a lot of carbs.

To successfully undertake a Keto diet, you must make sure that only about 5% of your total calories come from carbs, which is a significant decrease from the standard dietary recommendation of about 45-65%. 

Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to lower your carb intake to such an extent all of a sudden. However, it is imperative that you do so in order to help achieve the state of ketosis and to make sure you’re doing Keto the right way.


This sugar alcohol is far from Keto-friendly. Maltitol has a low Glycemic Index. This assists in reducing blood sugar level by releasing glucose in a slow and steady manner. However, this effect they have on the blood sugar levels might be enough to prevent the body from achieving the state of ketosis.

Caloric Surplus

It\’s very possible that Keto is not working for you because you\’re just eating too many calories. Whether on a diet or not, it is very important to manage your daily calorie intake.

High-fat foods carry a much higher calorie content than foods rich in carbs or protein. Keto being a diet based on the increased consumption of fat calls for you to be vigilant about your daily calorie intake.

Therefore, sticking to a balanced meal plan will help you significantly in managing your calories. This will make sure that Keto works for you in an effective and efficient manner.

You’re Still Consuming Processed Foods

If you’re still consuming processed foodstuff then you need to stop immediately. Filled with preservatives and artificial flavors, these are your worst enemy.

Reasons Why Keto Stopped Working For You

These foods are high in calories and low in essentials like vitamins and minerals. Therefore, make sure to not substitute unprocessed whole foods for processed food items.  This will help you optimize your nutritional intake whilst also achieving your weight loss goals.

Your motto should be “The more processed the food is, the less good it is for you”. So stop consuming those processed snacks and switch to whole foods immediately. Cut the processed food out and see your body effectively thrive and deliver results whilst on a Keto diet.

You May Have An Undiagnosed Medical Issue

Have you been following Keto judiciously and still not seeing the results? If that\’s the case then you might be suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition

You can be doing everything right and still not see the results you expect if this is the condition. 

Medical conditions contributing to weight gain include thyroid-related conditions, PCOS, high insulin levels, depression, and many more. So if you’re sure that you’re not being able to lose weight at the rate you expected to even after following the diet in a perfect manner, please do not delay a visit to the doctor. The doctor will help you identify the issue, providing you with exact guidance to treat and resolve it.

You’ve Not Been Sleeping Enough And Stressing A Lot

The hormonal imbalance caused due to stress can be a major factor affecting the effectiveness of a Keto diet plan. When stressed, our bodies create a hormone called cortisol. Also known as the stress hormone, it encourages the body to store fat, thus hindering with your weight loss journey.

Stress might also push you towards “stress eating”. This may result in you a caloric surplus, which as discussed above is not ideal for weight loss.

Reasons Why Keto Stopped Working For You

Along with this, not getting enough sleep has also been linked to weight gain. Stress may also contribute towards sleep deprivation creating a chain reaction with significant negative effects on your weight loss goals.


To Summarise

The success of a Keto diet is highly dependent on your body achieving the state of ketosis. However, this can be difficult to achieve for some. It requires a strong desire paired with unbreakable willpower.

There are numerous reasons why Keto stopped working for you and is not giving you the results you crave. The reasons listed above show how important it is to pay attention to certain details of a Keto diet. Something as simple as a single cheat meal can have a significant negative effect on your progress. Therefore, if Keto isn\’t working for you,  revisit some of your actions and determine exactly where you went wrong. Once you understand this, then achieving your weight loss goals is going to be a seamless process for you!


Get yourself started today and Stay tuned for more such Keto weight loss journeys, health content, and recipes! Also, don\’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the daily dose of the Keto Lifestyle!


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