Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

yoga for weight loss

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.  It has been practiced for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Yoga has become a symbol of peace, wellness, and mindfulness today, finding new fans every day across the globe.  Yogis also discovered yoga mudras to be incredibly effective and began to incorporate them in all yoga practices.

Yoga mudras are basically simple hand gestures that activate the flow of energy within the body. Mudras are also often used in classical dance forms, as a means to convey the story or articulate emotions. Mudras in yoga are known to provide healing powers to the body in order to alleviate physiological and emotional ailments. 


The method of Yoga Mudras or Mudras for weight loss follows principles of Ayurveda. The body is made up of five elements; ‘Jal’ (Water), ‘Prithvi’ (Earth), ‘Akash’ ( Space), ‘Vayu’ (Air), ‘Agni’ (Fire). When there is an imbalance in these elements, the body becomes vulnerable to sickness. Yoga Mudras help in restoring the balance between these elements.


1.Surya Mudra- As the name suggests, Surya mudra signifies the fire element and it increases the flow of the fiery energy in your body to increase the vitality and boost your metabolism and your digestive system. It also lessens the earth element inside the body which is considered to be the primary element responsible for the fat accumulation inside the body. In this way, Surya Mudra helps you lean down and lose a lot of belly fat.

How to Perform:

Surya Mudra is a simple gesture that involves the thumb and the ring finger.

  • Sit in a comfortable position keeping the back straight.
  • Bend the ring finger towards the palm. Hold the tip of this finger with your thumb.
  • Keep your palms facing upwards on the knees or thighs in a relaxed position.
  • Perform for 45 minutes during the day, with repetitions of 15 minutes each.
  • Best when practiced in the early hours of the day.Other Benefits

Surya Mudra is also helpful in relieving common cold, shivering, vision problems, constipation, and other digestion problems.


2. Linga Mudra-Linga Mudra, also known as Lord Shiva’s Mudra, is an excellent way of channelizing your internal conflictions. Using Hasta Mudras for weight loss is a quite effective way to get rid of the extra weight.

Shiva Linga Mudra signifies the winning stride of positivity over negativity. This Mudra accelerates the fire within you, replenishing your internal organs with vital energy that aids in the process of digestion. Linga Mudra promotes fast metabolism, which in turn helps in reducing weight.

How to practice Linga Mudra?

Thumb is the main element of this Mudra. To achieve this mudra.

Follow the steps below:

  • Sit comfortably in a half-lotus or easy position.
  •  lock your both hands except for the left thumb which must be facing upward
  • Place your hands on your lap exerting a little pressure on your left thumb.
  • Close your eyes and enchant “Om” Mantra

How long should I do this mudra?

Practice this mudra from 30-45 minutes daily to overcome obesity effectively.

Other Benefits

Other benefits if linga mudra includes: elimination of negative powers, enhancing sexual power, and release stress.


3. Vaayan Mudra-Vaayan refers to the ‘Vaat’ humor in the body which recognizes the properties of air. The effect of air and space elements on the body is enormous and reaps several benefits when practiced the right way. The Vaayan Mudra facilitates your control over the nervous system, making you more self-aware. Vaayan Mudra for weight loss helps in reducing fat levels in the body.

How to Perform:
  • Sit in a relaxed position in a secure, ventilated space.
  • Keep your eyes closed and back straight for best results.
  • Place the tip of your index finger and middle finger on the tip of your thumb.
  • Keep erect the other two fingers, facing the sky.
  • Exert pressure reaching the levels of comfort.
  • Hold the position for 15-20 minutes daily for a quick result.

Along with weight loss, the Vaayan Mudra offers several benefits that help regulate the body and the mind.


4. Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge)– Gyan Mudra, also known as the Mudra of Knowledge, is hugely beneficial in dealing with a lot of health issues, including weight loss. And Gyan Mudra is generally practiced in proper combinations of yoga and breathing exercises. According to a scientific study, stress is the main reason behind over-eating and becoming overweight. Gyan Mudra is related to stress as it helps in relieving the stress from the body muscles and provides a deep sense of relaxation. This is how it eradicates the most common cause of gaining weight to help in achieving the right body weight.


How to do Gyan Mudra?

The index finger is the main element of Gyan Mudra. It can be achieved by pressing your thumb against your index finger.

Follow the steps below to practice the Gyan Mudra:

  • Firstly, it straight making ‘easy pose’ or ‘diamond pose’ as you feel comfortable.
  • Place your hands on your knees with the palm facing upwards.
  • Cover the tip of your index finger with the help of your thumb.
  • Apply a little pressure on the tips of your fingers to allow energy flow through your body.
  • Chant “Om” mantra for deep relaxation.
  • You should practice this mudra for 30 minutes daily to reap maximum benefits.
Other Benefits

This mudra helps in relieving mental stress, enhance concentration, and lead a positive life.


5. Kapha-Nashak Mudra- Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ are two temperaments that represent fire and Earth, respectively. The Pitta humor recognizes fire as its property and helps in boosting metabolism. The Kapha humor represents the Earth and excess of Kapha in the body can lead to weight gain

How to Perform:
  • Sit in a comfortable position with the eyes closed and back kept straight.
  • Perform the Mudra by placing first the ring finger, and then the little finger on to the palm.
  • Hold these fingers with the base of your thumb, exerting pressure as long as it feels comfortable.
  • Hold this Mudra for 30-45 minutes every day, with repetitions of 15 minutes.
  • If your body is prone to Pitta, practice this Mudra in moderation.

The Kapha-Nashak Mudra elevates the functioning of the digestive system by generating fire through boosting metabolism.



6. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)- Prana Mudra translates itself to the Mudra of Life. This Mudra is considered significant and holds superiority as it represents life. The Prana Mudra is one of the most critical Mudras as it helps to activate the energy in the body. The root chakras get enlivened by the practice of Prana Mudra, spreading the energy flow throughout the body. Prana Mudra is often performed with the aid of Pranayama for beneficial results.


How to Perform:


  • Sit in privacy in a ventilated room.
  • With legs crossed, keep your eyes closed to help the process of meditation.
  • You can perform this Mudra with the fingers of both hands.
  • Join the tip of the thumb to the tips of the ring finger and the little finger.
  • Repeat with the other hand.
  • Hold the position for 20-25 minutes to achieve desired results.


The Prana Mudra rejuvenates the entire body as it provides life force like no other Mudra. It is also essential to maintain healthy habits of practicing Yoga Mudras for weight loss.

Yoga Mudras are an extensive study that has stood the test of time and continue to provide immense health benefits. These benefits are not just limited to physical self but also help in improving your mental health. Practicing Yoga Mudras daily enhances your immune system and enriches your well-being. The excess weight can be effectively reduced with the help of certain hand mudras which is a natural way to lose weight at home. Mudras comprise different hand gestures while practicing yoga or meditation that establishes the energy in your body beneficial for weight loss.

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