Dr. Berry\’s Take On How Much Protein Should You Take While On Keto


Since the standard version of the ketogenic diet encourages “moderate” protein intake, there\’s a fine line between how much is too much or too little. Here\’s what Dr. Ken Berry thinks about how much protein should you take while on Keto.

What Dr. Ken Berry Has To Say:

Dr. Ken Berry is affiliated with Henry County Medical Center in Tennessee, US. He has an extremely popular youtube channel with over 1 Million Subscribers across the globe.

Dr. Ken Berry is the author of the bestseller \”Lies My Doctor Told Me\” which exposes myths and misleading health advice from well-meaning doctors, such as avoiding fat. He in fact himself embraces the Ketogenic diet and often is seen terming Keto as the Proper & Natural Human Diet.

Is There A Threshold Of Protein To Intake?

I\’m going to answer it with a thought experiment and then I\’ll answer it skips specifically. So in the wild, let\’s talk about lions and tigers. Think about hyenas and coyote days and wolves in the wild. Do they adhere to a specific protein intake? Do they do a calculation of let\’s see, I weigh 20 kilograms. Therefore I need to eat. Let\’s see one gram per kilogram. I need to eat this much protein a day. Do they do that? Or do they entrust their hard-wired ability to get as much protein as they need and not to eat more protein than they need and not to eat enough protein?

Dr. Berry narrates a little tale about the wild animals and their protein adherence. He says that these wild animals like Hyenas, Cayotes, or Wolves don\’t calculate the amount of protein they take in a day. Dr. mentions that they just intake it by trusting their hard-wired ability to get as much protein as they need.

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How Simple Is Keto And Why It Is The Proper Human Diet?

One of my most important messages for people is if you will stop eating the addictive carbohydrate junk that the big corporations are trying to sell you and just eat fatty meat and a few vegetables. That\’s Keto. So there\’s nothing weird about it. There\’s nothing magical about it, no strange products you have to consume. That\’s the proper human diet. 

Dr. Berry believes that if people will stop eating the addictive carb junk, and just eat Fatty Meat and Veggies, that\’s perfect. He adds that this is what Keto is and there\’s nothing strange or weird about it. Dr. mentions that Keto is nothing but a proper human diet.

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How You Will Know You Are Full

When you do Keto, your body takes over by letting you know when you\’re hungry. Your body will let you know when you\’re full, your body will let you know when you\’ve eaten enough protein.

Dr. Berry believes that when on keto, one\’s body takes over with letting them know itself that when the body is hungry. He adds that one will know when they are full and when you\’ve eaten enough protein.

How Your Body Tells You That You\’re Satiated

Now you can start to gauge the threshold of eating everything. But when you take too much protein, your body\’s going to immediately make protein, very unappetizing to you. Your body will let you know, that okay I\’ve had enough steak or chicken or fish or whatever. I don\’t want any more. That\’s what our hunger and that\’s what our cravings are for, these are Satiety signals. That\’s what they\’re for. 

Dr. Berry mentions that you can almost gauge everything that you eat, but when you take too much of anything, your body will let you know. He adds that The hunger you feel, the cravings that arise are the body\’s signals that it\’s had enough and wouldn\’t need more.

The Water Theory

There\’s no research that backs up any of the water requirements daily for human beings. If you\’re thirsty. Drink water. If you\’re not thirsty, don\’t drink water. That\’s literally how simple it is to stay adequately hydrated and optimally hydrated. You don\’t have to push the water intake and, and similarly, you don\’t have to push the protein intake and you also don\’t have to limit the protein intake body.

Dr. Berry mentions that there\’s also no research on the amount of water you can have in a day. He adds that if you are thirsty, you drink water, and vice versa which is normal. Dr. says that you don\’t have to push your water intake and similar is the case with Protein intake which you don\’t need to limit at all.

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