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Salads are always filling and delicious. They are very easy to make. Let us talk about Martina\’s take on some good recipes recommended to eat on a keto diet.

What Martina Slajerova Has To Say:

Martina Slajerova is the creator of the and International Best Selling Author of various Keto Diet Cookbooks. Martina holds a degree in Economics and has worked in auditing, but has always been passionate about nutrition and healthy living.

When she was detected with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. She had no power and found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. That’s when she decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods and started following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

After having to witness the incredible benefits of low-carb eating firsthand, Martina and her partner created KetoDiet, a tracking, and planning application with hundreds of low-carb recipes, which is now one of the bestselling apps on the App Store and Google Play.

Then, in 2012, she launched the KetoDiet blog, which helps millions of people follow a whole-foods-based, low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. Since 2016, she\’s authored 6 low-carb & keto books to help people follow a healthy diet and to show them that this way of eating doesn\’t have to be complicated or boring.

According to her, KetoDiet is not just about losing weight at any cost; it\’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Her mission is to help people reach their goals, whether it\’s someone\’s dream weight or simply eating healthy food.


Martina\’s take on some good salad recipes to eat on a keto diet.


One of my absolute favorites and this is going to be vegetarian or a regular keto. You\’ve been, you\’re going to come in both regular too as well. Right. So we have non-vegetarian and vegetarian clients. I would say probably I rotate between like four salads. I cook quite a lot.


She recommends having a greek salad and tuna salad

The first one is the Greek salad. because my partner is Greek. we have Greek salad as aside. What does that mean? Pretty much any proteins like, salmon or chicken steak, we would just eat it as aside.

The other one I\’m making potluck is more of a main dish and that\’s tuna salad. I will use a thin tuna, um, and maybe some lettuce with cucumber, maybe some eggs. The meat is a big part of it because you need to add those fats. And I use avocado oil-based mayonnaise. sometimes I make my own, sometimes I buy them already, because these days they are actually available, which is amazing. I make mozzarella based salads. Sometimes I would use mozzarella or burrata with tomatoes, olives.

Lots of olive oil, Basel, and that\’s pretty much it\’s really simple. And that\’s also as a side because if you have a big salad like that, it can really adapt. You can end up with more than 10 grams of net carbs. And sometimes I make salads with Rockettes. I think it\’s in the US it\’s arugula.

And I would have any protein, like a shredded chicken with my knives, chopped red onions, bell peppers. It\’s just like a mishmash of everything. So, it depends on what I have in my fridge at that sport. 


Marina has helped us with some really good salad recipes to eat on a keto diet which could we can add as sides and as salads to eat in between the meals.


Martina recommends -Best Alternatives To Milk or curd on the keto diet

You could make or seed milk from any nuts or seeds at home. Also, You could even use pumpkin seeds. You could use sunflower seeds or cashews, although, cashews. Some people prefer not to use them because they tend to add carbs but cashew milk. The one. But I\’ve seen that you can buy cashew milk, it\’s actually very low in carbs, so you can use these, you can use coconut milk.

The only thing I would say about coconut milk is it depends on the recipe because coconut milk has a lot more fat and it may not work in older recipes. So, if you are substituting almond milk, and if you don\’t have anything else, you could probably even use Wolter and it\’s still going to be better than coconut milk or.

Coconut milk, dilute it with some water, um, to get the same or about the same effect lacrosse. Yeah. And with coconut milk, also some, some Browns have a lot more fat, especially count coconut milk. If you put it in the fridge, it actually solidifies. And then you have the runny liquid coconut milk. So big differences definitely keep an eye on the fat content.


Martina recommends using sunflower seeds, nuts, cashew milk, and coconut milk as the best alternatives of milk or curd on the keto diet.

Good Breakfast Recipes recommended by Martina to incorporate on a  Keto Diet

I don\’t always have breakfast. I sometimes skip breakfast, so I will have my lunch and dinner.

Keto Porridge is one of the favorite breakfast recipes-

But when I do, I would have a keto porridge. If I make with chia seeds, you can use flax meal, almond milk. You could blend the aliment milk with some almond butter to make it thicker and then pull it over the chia seeds and it\’s not, you cannot chop nuts of like coconut unsweetened and you could add some cinnamon or cocoa powder, cocoa names, anything you like, you could add sweet.

Find it. Sweet. Not with the cinnamon usually. So I don\’t have, we can learn from my porridge and that\’s a sweet option I can have for breakfast. 

The second option recommended by her is eggs with bacon

And the other option is, you could have eggs with bacon. The obvious choice on keto or what I make quite often is a skillet with different sorts of vegetables, spices, and then I just add eggs and I cook it in the skillet.

So. And sometimes I look at that one top of it. It depends if I want to have some dairy, but that\’s my, that\’s my favorite. That\’s my favorite recipe.

According to Martina, the best breakfast recipes to incorporate on a ketogenic diet could be keto porridge and eggs with bacon.




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