Keto\’s Effect On Kidney Health With Dr. Ken Berry

Low Carbohydrate diets can be helpful for weight loss and improved health. However, does Ketogenic Diet affect your Kidney Health? This article talks about what Dr. Ken Berry, the author of the bestseller \”Lies My Doctor Told Me\” has to say.

Dr. Ken Berry\’s Take


Dr. Ken Berry is affiliated with Henry County Medical Center in Tennessee, US. He is a popular YouTuber with over 1 Million Subscribers across the globe.

Dr. Ken Berry is the author of the bestseller \”Lies My Doctor Told Me\” which exposes myths and misleading health advice from well-meaning doctors, such as avoiding fat. He in fact himself embraces the Ketogenic diet and often is seen terming Keto as the Proper & Natural Human Diet.

Keto- The Proper Human Diet

Keto Diet Chart

I think what we\’re all doing together is we\’re rediscovering the proper human diet. And I think that a low carbohydrate diet, full of healthy fat and healthy protein is the proper human diet. It\’s becoming obvious by looking at the paleoanthropological research, archeological research, and modern medical and nutrition research that human beings are by design a low carbohydrate mammals.

Dr. Berry believes that a low-carb diet, full of healthy fats and protein is a proper human diet. He adds that Medical research has grown to prove that Humans are by design a Low Carbohydrate mammals.


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What Does A High-Carb Diet Do To You?

We are not built or intended to eat a high carbohydrate diet. When you feed us that kind of diet, we get fat. And for some of us, that\’s fed on the outside, and for some of us, it\’s just fat on the inside. We get inflamed, we develop fatty liver, we develop pre-diabetes or diabetes. And these are signs of carbohydrate toxicity. We\’re just eating too many carbohydrates.

Dr. Berry says that humans are not built to eat a high carb diet and when they do it, they get fat. He adds that eating a high carbohydrate diet causes Inflammation, Fatty Liver, and eventually, Diabetes. Dr. believes that these are the signs of Carbohydrate Toxicity and humans are eating way too many carbs.

How Keto Is Not Dangerous But Healthiest For You


When you say the ketogenic diet, that sounds very faddish and very science and perhaps even dangerous. But when you call this what it actually is the proper human diet of a diet full of healthy fats and healthy proteins. So then the question becomes kind of silly, is the proper human diet, dangerous for the kidney or dangerous for the heart. Well, of course not. It\’s the proper human diet, just like the proper feline diet is the healthiest diet for felines. The proper bovine diet is the best healthiest diet for bovines.

Dr. Ken mentions that Keto sounds fad but perhaps is not even dangerous but healthy. He adds that Keto is actually a proper human diet full of healthy fats and proteins. Dr. Berry says that questioning Keto being dangerous is silly as a healthy diet cannot affect your Kidney or Heart badly.


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Solving The Ultimate Myth


There is a myth in the medical and nutrition community, and many people believe this myth that eating too much protein is somehow dangerous or causes kidney damage. This is a myth that I\’ve been fighting against for over a decade now. When you actually look at the medical research, this is not supported by the research whatsoever. There is no meaningful research that shows that eating a diet that\’s either moderately high in protein, or even just overtly high in protein is in any way harmful for the human kidney.

Dr. Berry believes that the myths lie in the Medical and Nutrition Community. He says that people just believe that eating too much protein is dangerous for their Kidneys. Dr. mentions that he has been fighting against this issue for over a decade now. He says that there\’s no meaningful research that eating a Moderate or High Protein diet is harmful to the human kidney.

How Is The Human Kidney Built


The human kidney is made of protein and fat. So, the human kidney is designed to deal with a moderate or a high protein diet. This would be like saying, Oh if you drink too much water, it\’s bad for your kidneys. Well, that\’s technically true. If you\’re drinking, 20-30 liters of water a day that can stress the kidney, no doubt. But if we\’re eating an ancestrally appropriate amount of protein, which is the ketogenic way of eating falls well within the ancestral limits of the amount of protein that we\’ve eaten for the last 250,000 years as homosapiens.

Dr. mentions that the Human Kidney is itself made of Protein and Fat so it\’s designed to take Moderate or High Fat Protein. He says that drinking too much water is dangerous for your Kidneys but eating an ancestrally appropriate amount of protein never hurts. Dr adds that the ketogenic way of eating falls within the same limit that humans are eating for the last 250,000 Years.

Summing It Up

I think from my summation of the research and the ancestral evidence would be that whether you\’re eating high fat, moderate protein, or Ketogenic diet, I can\’t find any meaningful research that shows that there should be any concern for the health of the kidney, the liver, the heart, or the brain. These diets are not dangerous or a new fad. These diets are actually a rediscovery of how the human species has eaten for its entirety on planet earth.

Dr. Berry sums this up by saying that the research has enough evidence that eating Ketogenic is not a concern for the health of the Kidney, Liver, Heart, or Brain. He adds that these diets are neither dangerous nor a fad. Dr. finishes up by mentioning that this a rediscovery of how the human species has eaten for its entirety on planet earth.

Here\’s the full video of Dr. Berry\’s take on Keto\’s Effect On The Kidney Health:

The right approach to think about keto, if you have a kidney issue already, would be to consult an expert first and foremost, discuss your medical history and then go for a diet as and how prescribed by them. Doing the diet on your own without any specific knowledge about your medical complexity, food, and nutrition\’s effect on it, would not be the right thing to do.

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