Media Bashing Keto: What Dr. Ken Berry And Dr. Eric Westman Has To Say

Dr. Ken Berry And Dr. Eric Westman's Take On Mishti's Case | Keto India

The Media reports and articles are continually talking about Keto and its relation to Bollywood Actress, Mishti\’s death. This article talks about what Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Westman\’s take is on the underresearched reporting and articles.

Keto is being called a High Protein Diet. And that being a reason for Kidney Failure and the possible demise of Mishti. The articles have been aggressively focusing on bashing off the diet, instead of being sensitive towards an untimely death of a person.

What Dr. Ken Berry Has To Say:

Dr. Ken Berry is affiliated with Henry County Medical Center in Tennessee, US. He has an extremely popular youtube channel with over 1 Million Subscribers across the globe.

Dr. Ken Berry is the author of the bestseller \”Lies My Doctor Told Me\” which exposes myths and misleading health advice from well-meaning doctors, such as avoiding fat. He in fact himself embraces the Ketogenic diet and often is seen terming Keto as the Proper & Natural Human Diet.

Why Media Is Bashing Out Keto Inappropriately?

Well, I\’d first like to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Um, she was so young and so beautiful. It was, it\’s a tragedy that the world lost her talent.

With that being said, when I read the initial articles, it was very quickly obvious that the media had jumped on this story. Well aware of the clickbait quality of the story.

The ketogenic way of eating is very, very popular, in India and indeed around the world. And the ketogenic way of eating does not have a multimillion-dollar marketing firm behind it. There is no billion-dollar business behind the ketogenic way of eating.

How well has Dr. Ken Berry explained that the media is looking for some limelight and they have exactly got something like that right in front of them? Media has taken this as an opportunity to put a healthy way of eating down and Keto having no special PR has become the target of every publisher.

Keto being popular in India and across the globe attracts a lot of rumors on a daily basis and this is not a new concept.

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Why Keto Surrounds Itself With So Many Myths?

It is a true grassroots movement, meaning that it is truly a neighbor telling neighbor, a friend telling friend, family member telling a family member that- hey, this, when I eat this way, I get healthier and I feel better and I look better.

And so, I just want people to understand that there\’s no huge corporation or marketing firm behind the camera energetic way of eating.

It is an organic movement and the reason organic movement grow as fast as the ketogenic way of eating is growing is because it works and because it\’s safe.

Dr. Ken Berry believes that Keto has somehow always faced a fair share of judgments, and we can\’t deny that. He mentioned that people bash it, call it unhealthy and dangerous, somehow because people have been doing it for so many years, but in return, it has only turned out to be fruitful and nothing else, it\’s still is the most popular way of eating.

Keto: The Natural Human Diet?

Also because it\’s actually mirroring the way human beings have eaten for the entirety of their time on this planet. What the ketogenic way of eating is, is actually a rediscovery of the proper human diet.

Dr. Ken Berry believes that Keto still is very much loved and tried because it works and actually is beneficial in terms of health and fitness. Calling and terming it as \”The Natural Human Diet\” he adds that humans have always eaten this way since the planet\’s existence.

Media Taking Opportunity Of A Sensitive Situation

That\’s what we\’re all doing together. The billion-dollar food corporations and the billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations, they\’re not interested in the proper human diet. Their interest lies in making billions of dollars in profit. Even the big media corporations are interested in making millions of dollars of profit.

And so when they see an opportunity. To write a clickbait worthy article like this, tying a tragedy in a young woman\’s family\’s life to a very popular way of eating. They\’re going to do that every time.

Dr. Ken Berry thinks that the Media Houses are just taking advantage of such a sensitive situation. He explained that it\’s normal for Publishing Houses to take the limelight and write blind items without any relevant research and they will continue doing it, no matter what.

Why Is Everyone Invading Mishti\’s Family\’s Privacy?

I really wish, and I, 100% respect the privacy of the young extra center family. We have no rights to her medical information. And we have no right to her medical history and whatever the medication she might\’ve been taking. Or also whatever pre-existing conditions she might\’ve had.

But in order for a doctor like me or any healthcare provider to make an adequate assessment of what actually happened to her, we\’d have to have all that information in her.

Let me be very clear that her family is under no obligation. They don\’t know that information to anybody, but this story will always remain a clickbait story.

Tying the untimely death of a young person to the ketogenic way of eating based on no evidence whatsoever. And so our hearts go out to her family. But I can\’t really say, that it was Keto, you know, that did this not. Or was she even involved in this in any way without knowing her past medical history?

In a nutshell, Dr. Ken Berry says that basically, a responsible way of reporting should help a lot, which is clearly not taking place. And if at all, there was access to health information, could help to understand what exactly has happened.

But the family chose to not share that and this kind of liquid information need not be shared anyway. Given the fact that everybody should respect their privacy and they are not under any obligation to do so. Media Houses should stay aware and sensitive enough to respect what has happened and should sympathize with the family.

What Dr. Eric Westman Has To Say:

prd of eric westman

Dr. Eric Westman is the Director at Duke Keto Medicine Clinic, Founder at Adapt Your Life, and Associate Professor Of Medicine at Duke University.

Dr. Eric Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine and founded the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic with Dr. William S. Yancy Jr. in 2006 after 8 years of clinical research regarding low carbohydrate ketogenic diets.

Dr. Westman is a Past-President and Master Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and Fellow of The Obesity Society.

He is an editor of the textbook: Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials, and author of the New York Times Bestseller The New Atkins for a New You, Cholesterol Clarity, and Keto Clarity. Also, he is the co-founder of Adapt Your Life, an education and product company based on low carbohydrate concepts.

He is the course coordinator for MED415c, a Fourth-Year Medical Student Elective on the Medical Management of Obesity, and a faculty member of the Duke Clinical Research Training Program.

Keto Being Called Different Names Isn\’t A New Thing

Well, so 20 years ago, I started looking into the keto diet and it\’s been named many different things. You may recall Dr. Atkins and Dr. Eades and all these other doctors who popularized the approach.

And 20 years ago, I started looking at the science behind it. So we started doing research in clinical studies and publishing in well-reputed journals that can be obtained in any legit medical library.

And for 20 years now, I\’ve been hearing how bad the diet is. So for me, I have to just give you some perspective, because I\’ve heard the same sort of knee-jerk reactions for the diet blaming things without a lot of evidence for it. Cause that\’s something new because it\’s something different.

Dr. Westman solemnly believes that it\’s the lack of knowledge that makes people call Keto different names. He thinks given some perspective, he can educate people about it. He says, that he has adopted Keto 20 years ago and researched a lot, and published the same in well-reputed journals.

Underresearched Articles Doing The Rounds

I read the news reports, it seems to me that I don\’t have nearly enough information to make a statement because you know, the first thing I\’m seeing is that a lot of people say they\’re doing a keto diet, but they\’re not.

They are in a place that has no real understanding of what a keto diet is. So I hope our readers know that a keto diet starts with EWI eating protein.

I had one gentleman who came to me, who said he was doing a keto diet and all he was doing was drinking, Apple cider vinegar. And because it had his hunger out, he didn\’t eat anything. Well, that\’s not a keto diet.

So, the same is the case with these news reports. They don\’t know even half of it and still passing judgments. 

How It\’s More Crucial When A Person Dies

It\’s a tragedy when anyone dies. The interesting thing in the reports that I\’ve heard is that there may have been some pre-existing health problems.

I shouldn\’t say this, but if you have a health problem and you\’re going to change your diet and what you eat, you should talk to someone who understands these diets.

Not just keto, but any diet, because often these things, well, in most cases, these things get better.

The Dilemma Of Not Knowing Enough

There\’s no enough information, so I\’m also in my mind wondering, that what was she actually eating and how long had she done it? Was she really trained by someone who knew what a keto diet was? And were there any medications involved that may have been the problem than not.

The food itself, after 20 years of hearing- oh, this causes this, this causes that. I really haven\’t seen any strong signals of harm at all. I mean, so now if you\’re eating a real food-based keto diet, meaning you\’re not drinking, you know, keto shakes and keto products and tons of oils and things, a little bit of that is fine, but I think it\’s actually healthy eating.

Dr. Eric believes that we don\’t have any idea with regards to whether the Actress had any medical background and even if there was, what kind of medical background did she have. 

He says that none of that information is available and it\’s extremely doubtful whether she was actually on keto. And if at all she was, was it actually the reason behind this tragedy that has taken place.

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Keto Has Been Negatively Reported Since A Long Time

I\’m not surprised that other people will blame it. I\’ve seen that happen in the US these days, no one comes out and just blames the keto diet for something because there\’s an awareness in the medical community.

There are enough papers published and people have read them. But it\’s still the same, especially if you\’re trained in the old way of doing things.

They\’re going to think that it\’s bad, even if you\’ve had great success. So that joke we have is- I know you\’ve lost 90 pounds and you\’re off all your medicines and you feel great, but I tell you, this is going to kill you.

Like, there\’s a lot of kind of knee jerk reaction that I\’m not surprised is happening. I\’m sorry that it\’s happening. And I don\’t want it to have any effect on your followers who are doing well.

Well, to be precise, don\’t at all be discouraged because I\’ve seen these kinds of false alarms through the years and they don\’t pan out to be true, ever.

Dr. Westman mentions that even if someone does great and benefit from the diet, someone who\’s not knowledgeable enough will tarnish it down. He doesn\’t want anyone who practices Keto, to be discouraged at all because, in 20 years of his experience, he\’s seen this happening way too many times to get bothered now.

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