Best fruits for PCOS

Fruits for Weightloss

Best fruits for PCOS include the one that is low in carbs so that your insulin levels don’t shoot up. Fruits are easily accessible so you have them in the form of salads, smoothies, juices, squashes, jams, marmalades, etc.

A common thing we see in PCOS is insulin resistance that spikes blood sugar levels. So making sure you eat foods low in sugar especially carbs is very important.

Fruits are generally high in sugars so if you don’t choose them cautiously then sugar levels will spike up worsening the PCOS condition. Fruits are a great choice as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. At the same time, they are tasty as well. So your diet will have variety.

Low carb fruits for PCOS:


Apples are easily available and best For PCOS as they have high fiber which will prevent spiking of sugar levels. Just make sure You have an apple with skin to take the fiber present in it.


The berries like strawberry, blueberry, gooseberry, raspberry, blackberries are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are loaded with vitamin C.Berries are low in sugar and a good choice in the PCOS diet.


Avocados are rich in good fats and are low in sugars so you can abundantly add them to your diet. Avocados are a good choice for making smoothies for pudding for a change in the diet.

Citrus fruits

Fruits like lemon, oranges are low in carbs and high in vitamin C so it has good antioxidant property. These are best to be used for beverages and will have a variety in your diet.


Grapefruits are rich in antioxidants and are low in sugar. So they are healthy choices to be added to the diet. They are fiber-rich so insulin spiking will be reduced when you add them into the diet.


Peaches are non-starchy fruits so they are basically low in carbs and sugar as well. Adding them into your diet in the form of juice or smoothie or even eating as a whole will help to prevent insulin spiking.


Cantaloupe is high in fibre, low in sugar so it becomes the perfect choice to add to the PCOS diet. They are also rich in folic acid, zinc, iron, choline etc.

  • Make sure you have fruits in their whole form most of the time to get benefits or all the fibre and nutrients in them.
  • In the case of juices, smoothies try not to use sweeteners as the fruits will have their own sweetness.
  • You can have jams, jellies or squashes from the above-mentioned fruits and for sweetness, you can take monk fruit sweetener or erythritol.

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