Sweet Potato Benefits

Sweet Potato (Shakarkandi) Benefits

Filled with fiber and various vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are nature’s gift for good health. In this blog, we will discuss the qualities and sweet potato benefits. 

What is Sweet Potato and where does Sweet Potato come from?

Before diving into sweet potato benefits let’s first learn what exactly it is and where it comes from. Sweet potatoes also known by the name of Ipomoea batatas are a dicot plant that belongs to the bindweed family. It is large in size with a-like structure.

It is native to either Central America or South America. Over the years sweet potatoes have gained a good reputation for their health benefits. It is considered a much better and healthier option than a regular potato. There are tons of sweet potato benefits which we will talk about in this blog. 

10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

There are many sweet potato benefits. Not only they are a boon for health but they also taste really delicious. 

  1. Sweet Potato helps to improve eyesight
  2. Sweet Potato helps to improve digestion
  3. Sweet Potato helps to prevent the risk of cancer
  4. Sweet Potato helps to boost the immune system
  5. Sweet Potato may support brain health
  6. Sweet Potato may improve Skin
  7. Sweet Potato minimizes the risk of heart health
  8. Sweet Potato helps to manage diabetes
  9. Sweet Potato is highly nutritious
  10. Sweet Potato helps maintain a healthy weight

1. Sweet Potato Helps To Improve Eyesight

sweet potatoes are good for eyesight

This is one of the many sweet potato benefits that isn’t talked about a lot. Consuming sweet potatoes can help your eyesight and the reason is the presence of beta carotene in it. Beta carotene is basically an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A in the body. 

Vitamin A as we all know helps with improved vision. Not only this but sweet potatoes can also prevent night blindness and can also help in the prevention of muscular degeneration that comes with age in old people.

Another antioxidant that sweet potatoes contain is anthocyanins which help protect the cells of the eyes from damage. This can prevent the chances of eye conditions like cataracts. It is one of the many sweet potato benefits

The benefits of sweet potatoes are plenty if added in the right proportions to your diet. This can be challenging for a normal person. However, things can be made easy with the help of expert advice. Buy Health Plans

2. Sweet Potato Helps To Improve Digestion

sweet potatoes are good for digestion

Bad digestion? fiber can help! and sweet potatoes have loads of it. It is one of the many sweet potato benefits. Fiber is key when it comes to good digestion. It helps by adding bulk to the foods which makes it easier for the stool to pass through.

One of the many sweet potato benefits is the presence of antioxidants in it. Now you may think what is the relation between your gut and antioxidants? Well, these antioxidants help to fight off the free radicals present in the body which can damage the cells in your gut.

Here are some other sweet potato benefits for digestion:

  • No constipation: We all hate being constipated. Luckily, sweet potatoes can help. The fiber present in sweet potatoes adds more bulk to the stool which makes it really easy to pass.
  • Less inflammation: Sweet potatoes are really effective in fighting gut inflammation as well.
  • Low cancer risk: The fiber present in sweet potatoes helps to pass the toxins from the body. This can reduce the chances of one suffering from colon cancer

To get the best out of sweet potato benefits, you can add them to your diet or make various recipes with them. Also, did you know about these Fiber rich foods

 3. Sweet Potato Helps To Prevent The Risk of Cancer

sweet potatoes prevent cancer

Out of the many sweet potato benefits, this is the one that is really less talked about. Sweet potatoes can help reduce the chances of cancer and here is how:

  • These are filled with antioxidants, it is one of the many health benefits of sweet potato. It helps the body fight against free radicals (unstable molecules) in the body which can damage your DNA and cause cancer.
  • The beta-carotene present in sweet potatoes is converted into Vitamin A in the body. This vitamin is crucial for healthy tissues and cells in the body.
  • Sweet potatoes contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins which have anti-cancer properties.

Hence, the benefits of eating sweet potato are plenty. You can make it a part of your diet for maximum benefits. 

4. Sweet Potato Helps To Boost Immune System

sweet potatoes boosts immune system

Your immune system is what keeps you protected from all diseases and illnesses. It is crucial to have foods such as sweet potatoes in your diet which boost your immune system. The sweet potato benefits for your immune system are plenty, have a look:

  • High in antioxidants: Antioxidants are found in abundance in sweet potatoes which help to eliminate the free radicals in the body which can otherwise cause cell damage or weaken the immune system.
  • Presence of Vitamin A: Vitamin A is crucial for good immunity and sweet potatoes are filled with it.
  • Contains minerals: There are certain minerals such as iron, zinc, and manganese which help boost the immune system. They help in increasing the production and activity of the immune cells.

5. Sweet Potato May Support Brain Health

sweet potato good for brain

Just like your body, your brain needs the right nutrition as well. It needs foods that can keep it healthy and functioning well. Here are some sweet potato benefits for brain health:

  • High in antioxidants: Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but are also filled with antioxidants. These antioxidants are key when it comes to protecting the brain from the free radicals which may cause oxidative stress.
  • Contains Vitamin A: Found in various fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes it is crucial for maintaining the neural pathways of the brain.
  • Contains Choline: A lot of people are unaware of this nutrient. It helps with memory, cognitive function, and learning.

6. Sweet Potato May Improve Skin

sweet potato good for skin

Having smooth skin does not only make you feel confident but can also indicate a lot about your health. Excess acne can indicate gut issues or hormonal imbalances in the body. Thankfully, sweet potato benefits are not just limited to your body and burn, turns out it is really good for your skin as well. Given below are the benefits of eating sweet potato for the skin:

  • Antioxidants: The presence of antioxidants in sweet potatoes can help fend off free radicals which are responsible for damaging skin cells, aging, and causing wrinkles.
  • Collagen: Sweet potatoes have vitamin C in them and guess that vitamin C helps with collagen production. The same collagen gives structure and elasticity to the skin. Hence, to get the maximum sweet potato benefits make it a part of your diet.

7. Sweet Potato Minimizes The Risk of Heart Disease

sweet potato good for heart

The health benefits of sweet potato do not end here. There are certain compounds in sweet potatoes that are really beneficial for the heart for the following reasons:

  • Contains potassium: Potassium is crucial for the heart as it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and heart. Potassium also helps to regulate electrolytes in the body. A sufficient amount of potassium can help reduce blood pressure and eventually reduce strain on the heart.
  • Contains fiber: Often ignored fiber is crucial for good health. It not only keeps the gut healthy but also the heart. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Contains antioxidants: Beta-carotene present in sweet potatoes helps the heart by reducing oxidative stress that can damage the blood vessels. It is one of the most well-known sweet potato benefits. 

8. Sweet Potato Helps To Manage Diabetes

sweet potato good for diabetes

Conditions like Diabetes can reduce the quality of your life. It requires you to constantly control your blood sugar levels with the help of diet and exercise. Sweet potatoes are one of the many foods which are diabetic-friendly. The sweet potato benefits for diabetes are:

  • Low glycemic index: Sweet potatoes have low GI. In simple words, it does not raise your blood sugar levels after you consume them. This can be a boon for people with diabetes as their bodies are incapable of producing insulin which metabolizes blood sugar.
  • Fiber: Foods high in fiber are key when it comes to controlling blood sugar levels. Fiber helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Here are some Diabetes Recipes that are high in fiber. 

Chronic conditions like diabetes can be really hard to manage. However, with lifestyle changes and professional help, it can be managed well. Buy Diabetes Plans

Sweet Potato is Highly Nutritious

When it comes to leading a healthy life, eating highly nutritious food is key. Foods like sweet potatoes are rich in various nutrients and offer a lot of health benefits to the body. The sweet potato benefits include:

  • Fiber: Sweet potatoes are really high in fiber and it also has a low GI. This means it won’t spike your blood sugar levels after you eat them.
  • Beta-carotene: The beta-carotene found in sweet potatoes gets converted into Vitamin A in the body which is needed for good heart and eye health.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: This superfood is also filled with various vitamins and minerals. Vitamins such as Vitamin C and minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium are needed for good heart health.

Sweet Potato Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sweet potatoes can also help you to maintain a healthy weight, how cool is that! One can add sweet potatoes to their diet and enjoy the health benefits of sweet potato to shed some weight. Here are the sweet potato benefits for a healthy weight:

  • Low in calories: Sweet potatoes are not that high in calories which is a blessing for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain it. You can have a good serving of sweet potatoes and enjoy all of its good nutrients without consuming too many calories.
  • Stable blood sugar levels: Fiber present in sweet potatoes helps to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. This stops the insulin spikes and the energy crashes which eventually reduces hunger pangs.
  • Filling nature: Sweet potatoes are really filling. You feel full after having a few servings of them. This combined with them being low in calories and high in nutrients makes them one of the best foods for losing or maintaining weight.

Adding these Vegetables for Weight Loss can also help you to lose weight. 

Benefits of Sweet Potato for Men

Sweet potatoes are healthy for everyone. They have a lot to offer to your health and mental well-being. Let’s take a look at the sweet potato benefits for men.

1. Better Prostate Health

One of the best-known sweet potato benefits is good prostate health. The antioxidants present in sweet potatoes help to eliminate the freer radicals in the body which can cause prostate cancer in men.

2. Better Heart Health

If you are stressed, try to add sweet potatoes to your diet as it has tons of benefits for the heart. It helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels which are known as silent killers in today’s day and age. The lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels the healthier your heart will be. To get maximum sweet potato benefits make sure to add it to your diet. 

3. Muscle Recovery

Potassium is needed for muscle recovery and to prevent muscle cramps and sweet potatoes have good amounts of it. You can add sweet potatoes to your diet instead for maximum benefits.

Benefits of Sweet Potato for Women

Gender does not matter as sweet potatoes offer health benefits to every individual. Here are some sweet potato benefits for women.

1. Better Menstrual Health

This is one of the many sweet potato benefits. It has iron in it which can be really helpful for women in their menstrual cycles. Women can have low iron levels when menstruating and adding sweet potatoes to their diet can help. 

2. Good For Pregnancy

The presence of folate in sweet potatoes is essential for pregnancy. Folate is essential to ensure good fetal development and reduce the risk of birth defects.

3. Weight Management

This is one of the best sweet potato benefits. Sweet potatoes come as a blessing for people trying to lose or maintain weight because they are not only low in calories but are also high in fiber, filling, rich in nutrients, and taste delicious.

How To Add Sweet Potato To Your Diet?

Sweet potatoes are the healthier version of regular potatoes as they offer more nutrients, are good for diabetics, are low in calories, and let’s not forget they also taste delicious. To enjoy the health benefits of sweet potato you can add them to your diet by making recipes out of them such as:

  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Sweet potato salad

Some Facts About Sweet Potato

Now that you know about sweet potato benefits let’s learn some facts about this superfood which a lot of people don’t know about. 

  • Not related to normal potatoes: Who would have thought both of them are different and belong to different families? Sweet potatoes belong to the Convolvulaceae family and regular potatoes belong to the Solanaceae family.
  • They come in different colors:  When was the last time you saw a red sweet potato? Chances are you never saw one. Sweet potatoes come in various colors, from orange to purple.
  • Store them for months: You can store sweet potatoes for months. They have great storage capabilities but make sure you add them in the right environment.

Side Effects of Sweet Potato

If consumed in excess amounts there is no food on the planet that won’t cause one side effect or the other. Given below are some side effects of sweet potatoes.

  • Allergic reactions: People can have allergic reactions to sweet potatoes or to the protein present in them. This can cause a lot of symptoms such as itching and difficulty in breathing.
  • Digestive issues: Since sweet potatoes have fiber in them, if consumed in excess amounts it can cause digestive issues or discomfort.


Can you eat sweet potato every day?

You can have sweet potatoes in your diet but it is not recommended to be consumed each day.

Is sweet potato high in sugar?

Sweet potatoes may taste sweet but they are not that high in sugar. The fiber present in them helps to slow down blood sugar spikes in the body.

Is sweet potato good for your belly?

Yes, having sweet potatoes can help reduce belly fat. This is because they are low in calories and high in fiber which is ideal for weight loss.

Are sweet potatoes a superfood?

If we take into account how nutritious sweet potatoes are, they should definitely be considered superfoods.

What is the best time to eat sweet potato?

You can have sweet potatoes at any time of the day. They are low in calories, and high in fiber which will keep you full for hours.

What are some benefits of eating sweet potato?

Better heart health, eye health, a happy gut, and better blood sugar regulation are some of the many benefits of eating sweet potato. 


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