Best Exercises for Thyroid

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Exercises for thyroid help in providing relief from a variety of symptoms that come along with thyroid. These symptoms include fatigue, swelling joint and muscle pain.

Making exercise a part of your routine helps better manage the symptoms and also improve the functioning of the thyroid hormones.

Following are a few exercises for thyroid –
1. Walking –

Walking not only helps with joint exercise, but also helps improve cardiac fitness. It is helpful in strengthening the cardiovascular system. Walking has an effect on the overall mood of an individual and deal with symptoms like fatigue and depression.

2. Jogging or running –

A way to take your workout to next level is to start jogging and running in order to burn more calories and provide more strength to your muscles and joints.

3. Muscle building –

Thyroid is known to slower a person’s metabolism. Strength training and muscle building play the counteract role and help a person lose weight.

4. Yoga –

Yoga plays the role of providing strength and stretch to our muscles. It helps to focus on breathing and also improve the lung strength. Yoga can also help improve a person’s mood as it helps in mind relaxation.

5. Resistance training –

Using resistance bands for workout provides the additional resistance and thus helps in strengthening of the muscles. Gradually improve the level of resistance once you get used to it.

Benefits –

The benefits of include workout or exercise in your routine is that it helps to-

  • Improve mood
  • Works as a stress buster
  • Helps burn more calories
  • Increases energy levels
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