Watercress Green Juice

Watercress Green Juice

Watercress Green juice is one of the biggest health and wellness trends of the last decade. Watercress looks like leafy green that packs a powerful nutrient punch. Its small, round leaves and edible stems have a peppery, slightly spicy flavor.

Watercress is low in calories but packs a vast array of nutrients. Nutrient density is a measure of the nutrients a food contains in relation to how many calories it provides.  It is high in vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and bone strength and formation. It is also very high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and Calcium.

The leaves are a great source of vitamins A and C, as well as iodine, making it a wonderful thyroid and adrenal gland supplement.

7 Benefits of  Watercress are:
  1. It is packed with nutrients
  2.  Contains Compounds That May Prevent certain types of Cancer
  3. Beneficial for Heart Health in Many Impressive Ways
  4. High Antioxidant Content May Lower Your Risk of Chronic Diseases
  5. Mineral and Vitamin K Contents Protect Against Osteoporosis
  6. Nutrient Density May Aid Weight Loss
  7. Dietary Nitrates May Enhance Athletic Performance

Here is the easy recipe to make watercress green juice:

  • 1 large bunch of watercress
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 lime
  • 2 celery stalks
  1. Wash all produce well.
  2. Peel the lime (optional or scrub for a more sour taste with the added peel nutrients).
  3. Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy!


  • Watercress – kale, lettuce, spinach, chard (silverbeet)
  • Apples – red apples, kiwi, pears
  • Lime – lemon, grapefruit
  • Celery – cucumber, zucchini, celeriac

Servings: 1 | Serving Size: 16 – 18 oz (500 ml)

Try this amazing recipe of watercress green juice!


Green juice is healthy when consumed in moderation but lacks certain important nutrients like fiber. Drinking too much may harm your blood sugar and kidney function.

Green juice doesn’t offer any benefits beyond those associated with fresh produce. However, if it helps you get more nutrients in your diet, it’s safe and healthy in moderation.


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