15 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

15 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

15 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips are simple ones that you can incorporate into your daily routine and definitely see weight loss. Weight loss is extremely important if you are obese or overweight because the excess weight will pave way for different metabolic disorders. You need to make sure that you lose weight gradually and not all of a sudden as this will have adverse effects on your body.

People generally tend to follow fad diets to lose weight quickly which do not have any evidence or proof that it is safe and effective. Generally, when you follow such diets there are chances that your body will face additional issues in the future. Hence, it becomes extremely important to follow dietary practices that are safe and effective, most importantly have scientific evidence.

15 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips:

Here are a few weight loss tips and techniques which you can  add to your weight loss regime for better results;

  • Do intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you eat for a few hours a day and fast for rest of the day. You can choose your eating and fasting periods according to your schedule so that you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle.

Studies claim that intermittent fasting is effective in weight loss because the calorie intake is restricted and you don’t binge eat. In the fasting period, your body will use your stored energy sources. Hence, weight loss is evident.

  • Shift to low carb diet:

Carbohydrates are the reasons why you might be putting on weight. Excess of simple carbs will definitely lead to weight gain because simple carbs are easily digested and they make you hungry very often and you tend to eat more. So cutting down on carbs is extremely important and very useful in weight loss.


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