Lakshita Jain

Lakshita Jain is Masters of Science in Foods and Nutrition with a career as a dietician and in teaching nutrition at Jagannath University, Rohini. She has been helping people from various backgrounds to make healthy foods choices and educating them about the importance of nutrition in daily life. She has Lecturer at Jagannath University, Rohini Sector-3 (JIMS) and is now the owner of owns the Diet clinic dt.lakshita Jain. She Specialized in diabetes education, bariatric surgery and child hood obesity, and is also a subject matter expert in Enteral Feeding (tube feeding nutrition) and artificial sweeteners.

Articles By The Author

Methi chicken

Methi Chicken Recipe

The Methi chicken recipe is one of the most widely enjoyed chicken recipes in India. It is made with various spices and herbs which give it a unique flavour. Usually, it is enjoyed with rice and roti. If you do not know how to make methi chicken at home then we are here to help. …

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12 Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

Pav Bhaji Recipe

A traditional Maharashtrian dish called Pav Bhaji recipe is created using a variety of mashed vegetables, pan-fried on a big tawa, and served with butter-toasted bread. Because of its spiciness and tangy zest, it is incredibly well-liked all around the nation. The meal is topped with a liberal amount of butter, freshly chopped onions, and …

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