Height Weight Chart

Height Weight Chart

Your height and weight say a lot about your health. It can indicate a lot of things about you from what foods you to what kind of lifestyle you have. In order to maintain good weight and height you need to have a healthy lifestyle. By doing so you will also keep yourself away from …

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Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney Recipe

Mint chutney Recipe is a popular condiment or sauce in Indian cuisine. It is made primarily from fresh mint leaves, which are blended or ground together with other ingredients to create a flavorful and vibrant green chutney. The specific recipe can vary, but common ingredients include mint leaves, coriander leaves (also known as cilantro), green …

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uttapam recipe

Uttapam Recipe

Uttapam is similar to dosa and is widely eaten in the southern part of India. It is somewhat similar to a dosa but not completely. It has various toppings on top which gives it a unique flavour and texture. The name of this dish is derived from a Tamil word called utthia. This blog will …

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Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam is a dish that is widely enjoyed in the southern parts of India. It originated from the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is known  by various names such as indiappa, noolphuttu and ottu shavige. It is made from rice flour which is turned into the shape if noodles. It is traditional cooked …

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mushroom soup recipe

Mushroom Soup Recipe

Mushroom soup is a hearty and savory meal cooked with fresh or dried mushrooms with fragrant vegetables and spices. It has a deep, earthy flavor that is typically accentuated with a creamy foundation, such as milk or broth. The velvety texture and savory overtones of the soup make it a popular choice for people looking …

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bhel puri

Bhel Puri Recipe

Bhel Puri is one of the most popular snacks in India. It is enjoyed in almost all the Indian states. It is made with puffed rice, various vegetables, and a sweet and tangy sauce. Kids and even adults love it because of its flavors. People usually eat it when they are strolling on the beaches …

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Pcod Diet Chart

PCOD Diet Chart

PCOD also known as (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) is a medical condition where the ovaries in a female body produce immature eggs. Over time these eggs turn into cysts, which makes them more prominent in size and they start to secrete male hormones also known as androgens which cause irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, hair loss, and …

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Lettuce Salad Recipe

Lettuce Salad Recipe

Lettuce salad Recipe is a versatile and refreshing dish that typically features a bed of fresh lettuce leaves combined with various vegetables, herbs, and a flavorful dressing. It is a popular side dish or starter in many cuisines and can be enjoyed on its own or as a base for additional toppings. Here, we shall …

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Benefits of Green Chilli

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Chilli (Hari Mirchi)

What is Green Chilli? Green chilli refers to the immature fruit of green chilli peppers (Capsicum species) that are harvested before they ripen and turn red or other colors. Green chillis are commonly used in various cuisines around the world, particularly in South Asian, Mexican, and Thai cuisine. Depending on the precise variety and personal …

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dahi bhalla recipe

Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Dahi Bhalla, also known as Dahi Vada, is a famous Indian snack made out of deep-fried lentil dumplings (vadas) with several sour and savory chutneys. It’s a delightful and refreshing dish that’s perfect for hot summer days. Read on to know more about Dahi Bhalla Recipe. About Dahi Bhalla Recipe Dahi Bhalla is a traditional …

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Oat Milk

Oat Milk Recipe

Oat milk recipe is a non-dairy milk alternative made from oats and water. It is created by blending soaked oats with water and then straining the mixture to remove the solid parts, resulting in a smooth and creamy liquid. About Oat Milk Recipe Oat milk recipe has gained popularity as a plant-based milk option for …

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puri recipe

Puri Recipe

Puri is a traditional Indian deep-fried bread served as a breakfast or as a celebratory meal. It is a popular dish in many Indian regional cuisines and is liked by people of all ages. Puri is made with a basic dough of wheat flour, salt, and water. The dough is kneaded until it is smooth …

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Cauliflower Curry

Cauliflower Curry Recipe

Cauliflower curry recipe is a delicious and healthy dish that is popular in many cuisines, particularly in Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. It’s a versatile dish that can be made with various spices and ingredients, allowing you to customize it to your taste preferences. Here, we shall understand how to make Cauliflower Curry Recipe not …

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vada recipe

Vada recipe

Vada, commonly known as “vadai,” is a famous South Indian savory snack or side dish. It is a deep-fried fritter comprised of lentils, spices, and occasionally vegetables. Vada is generally round and flat, with a crispy golden-brown outside and a soft, fluffy within. Read on to know more about the vada recipe. About Vada Recipe …

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Bel Juice Recipe

Bel Juice Recipe

Bel Juice Recipe is made of Aegle marmelos, also known as bael or bel fruit, is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia. It has a hard shell and sweet, tangy pulp. The bel juice recipe is know for its digestive benefits and is also enjoyed in juices and jams. Here, we shall understand how …

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oats upma recipe

Oats Upma recipe

Oats upma is a delicious and healthy recipe that is perfect for women with PCOS. In this article, we will look at the ingredients and steps required to make this recipe. This recipe is great for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is a hormonal disorder that affects many women worldwide. One of the best ways …

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Beetroot Salad recipe

Beetroot Salad Recipe

Beetroot Salad Recipe consists of beetroots, a root vegetable renowned for its vivid colour and earthy flavour, are used to make the popular meal beetroot salad. This Beetroot salad recipe can occasionally be used as a main meal, an appetiser, or even a side dish. Here, we shall understand how to make Beetroot Salad not …

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khandvi recipe

Khandvi Recipe

Khandvi is a traditional Indian food that originated in Gujarat. It’s produced with a smooth, silky batter of gram flour (besan) and buttermilk. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, green chili paste, and asafoetida (hing) are added to the batter. The mixture is then thickened on the hob before being spread thinly on a flat surface …

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prawn curry

Prawn Curry Recipe

The Prawn curry recipe is a popular and flavorful dish in many cuisines, especially in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It typically consists of succulent prawns or shrimp cooked in a spicy and aromatic sauce made with a variety of herbs and spices. The dish is often served with rice or bread and is …

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Vegetables for Weightloss

Vegetables for Weight Loss

Back in the days when we were kids, we all hated eating vegetables. Little did we know how beneficial are these for our bodies. They contain several essential vitamins and minerals which protect the body from various diseases by making our immune system better. Consuming vegetables for weightloss can really help you in a lot …

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chicken dum biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe

Chicken dum biryani is a popular Indian rice dish that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is a flavorful and aromatic one-pot meal made with layers of basmati rice and spiced chicken, cooked with fragrant spices, herbs, and caramelized onions. The biryani is typically cooked on a low flame with a tight-fitting lid or sealed …

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gobi manchurian

Gobi Manchurian Recipe

Cauliflower Manchurian, also known as Gobi Manchurian, is a popular Indo-Chinese dish that is typically made by coating cauliflower florets in a sauce that is sweet, spicy, and savory. While the traditional version of this dish is deep-fried and can be high in calories, there are healthier ways to prepare Cauliflower Manchurian that can support …

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mushroom masala

Mushroom Masala Recipe

Mushroom masala is a delicious Indian dish that can be a great addition to your weight loss diet plan. Mushrooms are low in calories and high in fiber, making them an excellent food for weight loss. This dish is easy to make and is loaded with flavors, making it a perfect addition to any meal. …

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Methi chicken

Methi Chicken Recipe

The Methi chicken recipe is one of the most widely enjoyed chicken recipes in India. It is made with various spices and herbs which give it a unique flavour. Usually, it is enjoyed with rice and roti. If you do not know how to make methi chicken at home then we are here to help. …

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Palak Chicken

Palak Chicken Recipe

Palak chicken is a delicious and healthy recipe that is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight. It is a low-calorie, high-protein dish made with chicken breast and spinach. Spinach is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help you stay healthy while losing weight. Chicken breast, on …

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cold coffee recipe

Cold Coffee Recipe

Cold coffee recipe, also known as iced coffee, is a popular beverage recipe that is typically made by pouring freshly brewed coffee over ice. It’s a refreshing and energizing drink that is especially popular during the hot summer months. Cold coffee recipe can vary in brewing methods, such as cold brew, Japanese iced coffee, or …

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Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken curry recipe is one of my favorite comfort foods. This is a complete meal that contains a good amount of protein from the chicken and carbohydrates from the rice. This chicken curry recipe is spicy, wholesome, and delicious, and it’s a hit with everyone in my family. Chicken contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, …

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gym diet plan

7 Days Gym Diet Plan

A Gym diet plan helps you to achieve your fitness goals in the gym. A Typical gym diet plan is customized according to the needs of the person. If you want to lose weight then your diet plan will have less emphasis on the carbs and more emphasis on the protein. If you want to …

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Rajma Masala Recipe

Rajma Masala recipe is a popular North Indian dish made with red kidney beans cooked in a rich and flavorful tomato-based gravy. It is a staple in many households across India and is often served with steamed rice or naan bread. Rajma Masala is a comforting and hearty dish that is not only delicious but …

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methi paratha

Methi Paratha Recipe

Ever ate methi paratha and wondered why is it so delicious? Methi paratha is a popular Indian flatbread made with a combination of whole wheat flour, fresh fenugreek leaves (methi), and spices. Fenugreek leaves are known for their distinct aroma and slightly bitter taste, and they are widely used in Indian cuisine for their health …

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mutton biryani

Mutton Biryani Recipe

Have you ever tried mutton biryani? If not, then do give it a try. The Mutton biryani recipe is a classic Indian dish that is known for its rich, flavorful taste. However, for those who are trying to lose weight, the high calorie and fat content of traditional biryani can make it a complicated dish …

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How to cure PCOS permanently

10 Natural Ways to Cure PCOS Permanently

What is PCOS-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Before answering the question, ‘how to cure PCOS permanently’, let’s understand what is PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal condition that affects women who are of reproductive age. Multiple ovarian cysts, high levels of androgen hormones (such as testosterone), and insulin resistance are its defining features. Although …

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vitamin a foods

Top 22 Foods Rich in Vitamin A

Overview Vitamin A is essential for healthy growth and development in children. Eating a variety of vitamin A foods can help ensure adequate intake. Vitamin A foods are important for wound healing and tissue repair. Some seafood, like shrimp and crab, are good sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A foods can help improve skin texture …

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malai kofta

Malai Kofta Recipe

Malai Kofta recipe is one of the most enjoyed and loved recipes in the northern parts of India. It is made with paneer or potato balls which are crispy in texture dipped in a thick and tasty gravy. It can be enjoyed during any season and makes for a great meal option if cooked in …

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Black Coffee

Black Coffee Recipe

A lot of you may have seen some people drinking black coffee, but what exactly is black coffee? Black coffee is just regular coffee with no milk, sugar, and extra ingredients. Not putting these extra ingredients in your cup of coffee can help reduce the number of calories which can be helpful in weight loss. …

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maggi recipe

Maggi Recipe

Maggi is an international instant food brand owned by Nestlé and this version of atta noodles is particularly famous among Indians as we love atta (wheat flour) which is also used to make Indian roti (chapati). Maggi claims their atta vegetable noodles have the beneficial fiber equivalent to 3 finished rotis. Here, we shall understand …

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Protein requirement per day

How much Protein is needed per day – Know you Protein Intake

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients required by the body. The amino acids found in protein are responsible for the formation of muscles and bones. These amino acids also help in the production of various enzymes and hormones in the body. Your body has a certain protein requirement per day to function properly. …

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Roasted Garlicky Hummus

Hummus Recipe

Hummus recipe is a popular spread or dip in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Its main ingredients are high in protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. If you want to lose weight, one of the foods you should love right now is hummus. Weight loss is difficult to achieve and requires a consistent and long-term …

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Veg Biryani Recipe

A veg biryani as the name suggests is a biryani without any meat in it. It is cooked with vegetables, basmati rice or any other rice (read more about Rice Nutrition), herbs and spices. It is a great option for people who are vegetarians but want to experience the taste of biryani. A veg biryani recipe …

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Chana Masala Recipe

Chana masala, also known as chole masala, is a popular vegetarian dish from the Indian subcontinent. It is made with chickpeas, which are cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce, along with a blend of aromatic spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala. The dish has a rich and complex flavor, with …

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Gajar halwa recipe

Gajar Halwa

About Gajar Halwa Recipe  Gajar Halwa recipe is a traditional Indian dessert made with grated carrots, milk, sugar, and ghee (clarified butter). It is rich, decadent, and incredibly delicious. However, it is also high in calories and sugar, making it an indulgent treat that is not ideal for those looking to lose weight. But what …

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