As a Nutritionist, working with Keto India has broadened my knowledge and widened my perspective which in turn has given me abundant opportunities to help people tackle their health situation through healthy eating. I have always loved helping people with their diet, workouts and observing their progress and Keto India has just given me that. Being able to fulfil my dream and that too in such a friendly environment makes me love my work even more.

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Benefits of Turmeric Tea

Benefits of Turmeric Tea

What is Turmeric Tea? Turmeric tea benefits have been revered for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic and Asian medicine for its numerous health benefits. This drink is not just a beverage, but a soothing journey for your senses. As you take a sip, you’ll be enveloped by the earthy aroma of turmeric, complemented by subtle hints …

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Suji Upma Recipe

Suji Upma Recipe

A very favorite dish of the Indian Household, Suji Upma is a healthy breakfast meal made with Semolina, mustard seeds, green peas, etc. Suji Upma recipe is welcoming to all sorts of flavors and veggies and that’s why you can put in your favorite veggies to make it even more delicious for yourself. About Suji …

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Balanced Diet Chart

Balanced Diet Chart

Maintaining good health in a population depends significantly on their diet and nutrition. Diet is the amount of food consumed by individuals, while nutrition is the process of using food for growth, metabolism, and tissue repair. Diet and nutrition have a two-way relationship with health since the lack of nutrients can affect health, and poor …

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Peanut Butter Sandwich recipe

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Sandwiches are a great choice for breakfast meals; they can be prepared easily in no time and are also filling. A peanut butter sandwich is a protein-rich delight made by spreading peanut butter between two slices of bread. The creamy and nutty flavour of the peanut butter pairs well with various types of bread, and …

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Fatty Liver Diet

Fat accumulates in the liver for several reasons. It most commonly involves increased delivery of free fatty acids (FFAs) to the liver, increased synthesis of fatty acids in the liver, decreased oxidation of FFA, or decreased synthesis or secretion of very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL); all of which contributing to Fatty Liver. Food play a crucial role …

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Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe

Poha is also known as pauwa, sira, chira, aval, or avalakki in the Kannada language, among many other titles. Prior to flattening, rice is parboiled so that it requires very little or no additional heating. About Poha Recipe In India, flattened rice known as poha is consumed frequently in a variety of shapes. To make …

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How to lose belly fat

How to Reduce Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat is a common goal for many people, but the real question is ‘How to reduce belly fat?’. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is stored deep in the abdominal cavity and can be harmful to your health. It is associated with various health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and high …

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