Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam recipe

Idiyappam is a dish that is widely enjoyed in the southern parts of India. It originated from the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is known  by various names such as indiappa, noolphuttu and ottu shavige. It is made from rice flour which is turned into the shape if noodles. It is traditional cooked using steam.

This recipe is usually enjoyed with some chutneys or even sambhar. It is also really popular in countries like Singapore. This blog will tell you all you need to know about an idiyappam recipe and also show you how to make idiyappam at home.

About Idiyappam Recipe

The recipe mentioned in this blog is healthy and nutritious. This recipe is widely enjoyed with a coconut chutney which adds to the nutritional value of this recipe. This recipe is really simple to make and uses minimal ingredients. The spices used in the chutneys in this recipe give it a unique flavor. So if you did not know how to make idiyappam recipe yet then you are at the right place.

Serves Time Difficulty
1-2 35 mins Medium

How To Make Instant Idiyappam at Home 

Want to know how to make idiyappam recipe at home instantly?  It is really easy to make and uses simple ingredients. This is how you can make it. Since this is an instant recipe it requires idiyappam flour, so make sure you have it at home.

Step 1: Add idiyappam flour, and salt oil in a bowl and mix it properly. Now add some hot boiling water and use a spatula to mix everything until the batter becomes thick.

Step 2: Now let it cool for a while and when it becomes cool enough to handle mix it with your hands and turn it into a chapati batter-like consistency.

Step 3: Use a murukku plate with holes in it. Fill it 3/4th with batter.

Step 4: Now take some idli plates and grease them with oil. Now you have to squeeze the dough on the idli plates.

Step 5: Now stack the noodles on the idli plates and steam them for about 6-8 minutes.

Step 6: When it has been cooked remove it from the steamer and set it aside and let it cool. Your easy idiyappam recipe is now ready! You can enjoy it with any chutney you want.

Preperation for Idiyappam Recipe

Before making the idiyappam recipe in the traditional way there are some preparations you can do which will save you a lot of time and effort while making this recipe.

1. Make sure to grease some oil on the idli pan or plates and keep it ready.

2. If you want to use banana leaves in this recipe then you can cut them into a square shape and place them on idli moulds. Also, you can grease the banana leaves with some oil.

3. The ingredients used in this idiyappam recipe are less and minimal but make sure they are fresh.

Ingredients for Idiyappam

After doing all the preparation required let’s now take a look at the ingredients we will be using to make this idiyappam recipe.

  • Rice Flour – 1 cup
  • Hot Water – 1.25 cups
  • Salt – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Freshly grated coconut – 1/4 cup
  • Water – 2 cups

Method/Steps to Cook Idiyappam

Learning how to make idiyappam recipe in the traditional way is not hard at all. You can easily make it at home by following the steps given below.

Step 1: To make the idiyappam dough take some water and wait until it comes to a boil.

Step 2: In a mixing bowl add 1 cup flour, salt, and 1st oil

Step 3: Now mix it and water bit by bit and mix it properly until no dry flour is visible

Step 4: Now add some oil to your hands and knead it into a non-sticky dough.

Step 5: Now take the idiyappam maker and grease the mould with some oil and fill it 3/4th and press to make the flour turn into noodles

Step 6: Now take an idli plate and place all the noodles on it. You can also press the noodles directly on the plate.

Step 7: Now place the plate in the steamer and steam cook for 3-5 minutes.

Step 8: Now remove the idli plate and flip it in the other direction.

Step 9: Your easy idiyappam recipe is now ready! You can enjoy it with coconut chutney or any chutney of your choice.

Any Alternate Way to make Idiyappam

Typically an easy idiyappam recipe is cooked in a traditional way only but if you do not have an idiyappam maker at home you can use a lemon squeezer to make idiyappam. The remaining process remains the same. Did you know about Rice Nutrition – Calories, Protein, Carbs

Nutritional value in Idiyappam

It is really important to know the nutritional value of the food you eat so you can make smarter eating choices. Given below is the nutritional information of an idiyappam recipe.

Idiyappam Recipe
Serving size 1 cup (170g)
Calories 281
Fat 6.2g
Carbs 54g
Protein 3g

Pro Tips to Make the Best Idiyappam at Home

If you have just learned how to make idiyappam at home then these tips will help you to make your recipe a whole lot better.

1. Always make sure the dough is not dry and does not have any cracks in it.

2. While making this easy idiyappam recipe make sure not to overcook it as this will make it hard and rubbery.

3. If you are making idiyappam in a large batch then make sure to cover the dough with a wet cloth. This will keep it fresh and prevent it from going bad.

4. If you are learning how to make idiyappam for the first time then do not rush this recipe. Also, have you ever tried Dry Fruits for Weightloss

Health Benefits of Idiyappam

Idiyappam is delicious and nutritious as well cooked in a healthy way. Here are some health benefits of idiyappam.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

Easy Idiyappam recipe is cooked with steamed rice so it has all the goodness of rice. It has various vitamins and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, and niacin. Rice is also a good source of carbs but should be consumed in moderation because it raises blood sugar levels.

2. Fiber

The easy idiyappam recipe is often enjoyed with coconut chutney which has good amounts of fiber in it. It can help to improve bowel movements. Coconut chutney is also anti-bacterial and also good for immunity. Therefore learning how to make idiyappam at home and consuming it once in a while can help boost the immunity of the body. Read more about Fiber- Nutritional Importance, Types, Benefits, And Food Sources

3. Antioxidants

Idiyappam is also eaten with sambhar which has tons of benefits for the body. It has a high antioxidant content which helps to improve the immunity of the body. It also aids in digestion and can help in weight loss as well.

Tips to limit the calorie in Idiyappam

If you are on a weight loss journey and have just learned how to make idiyappam recipe then these tips can help you lower the number of calories in the recipe.

1. Portion Control

Want to know how to make idiyappam low in calories? start with portion control. Idiyappam recipe is made out of rice and rice is high in calories and raises blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore, reducing your portion sizes can also help to reduce the number of calories.

2. Eat More Salad Alongside

Now you may wonder how eating salads can help to reduce the calories in an idiyappam recipe. When you eat more salads which have good amounts of fiber in them, you feel more full which makes you consume less food which eventually reduces the overall calories from the meal.

3. Use Less Oil 

The idiyappam recipe requires you to use oil to coat the steamer. Make sure to use less oil for coating wherever possible. This will help to reduce the number of calories in the recipe. If you have just learned how to make idiyappam then using oil olive which is widely available will reduce the calories in this recipe.


What are some other dishes I can make with idiyappam?

Idiyappam is widely enjoyed in the southern parts of India and there are many dishes you can make with it such as Kothu Idiyappam, Curd Idiyappam, Ragi Idiyappam, and more.

What’s different in the idiyappam Recipe by Livofy?

Livofy shows you how to make idiyappam in a healthy way which can be added to your diet to achieve your fitness goals.

What is the cooking time for idiyappam?

The cooking time for an idiyappam recipe is about 35 minutes. Your cooking time may vary according to the ingredients you use in the recipe.

Is idiyappam healthy?

Idiyappam recipe if cooked with healthy ingredients can benefit the body in a lot of ways. Rice has a lot of vitamins and minerals including zinc and the coconut chutney has good amounts of fiber in it.

What is the right time to have idiyappam?

You can have idiyappam at any time of the day. It is a dish that is mostly enjoyed at lunch and dinner.

Is there any side effects of eating idiyappam?

Idiyappam does not have any specific side effects. it is made out of rice so if you are allergic to rice you should not consume idiyappam.

How many calories does idiyappam have?

1 cup or 170g of idiyappam has about 281 calories. The calories in your idiyappam recipe may vary according to the ingredients you use.

How to make idiyappam spicier?

If you like spicy foods then you add some Kashmiri red chili powder to the idiyappam to satisfy your taste buds.

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