Can Keto Diet Lead To DNA Repair?

Can Keto Diet Lead DNA Repair?

Can following a low-carb, high-fat keto diet help DNA repair and improve mental ability? After so much research, researchers have found that it builds an epigenetic agent normally delivered by the body. This article is an effort to answer the question, \”Can Keto Diet Lead To DNA Repair?\”

What is a Keto Diet?

It is a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein and a high-fat diet that can help you burn fat as you eat fat. It has various benefits which include general health, performance, and weight loss. This diet is extremely useful to lose excess body fat and improve type 2 diabetes without you being hungry.

How does it work?

While you eat very less carbohydrates, moderate protein consumption, and increase your consumption of fat, your body starts burning fats for energy.  The reduction of carb causes a state of ketosis in the body. Where the body use the fat as a source of energy. This diet has been into lime light in recent times, but the diet has been in practice for 100 years to cure epilepsy especially in children.

Can Keto Diet lead to DNA repair?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)is the central ketone molecule. It modifies the way different genes are expressed as an endogenous metabolite affecting histone deacetylase catalysts (HDACs). HDACs hamper the quality of gene expression by eliminating acetyl groups from the chromatin. In this manner preventing cellular machinery from transcribing the genes. Obstructing an inhibitor of DNA expression opens up the chromatin. This allows us to consider the expression of specific genetic material that would somehow be silenced.

The cycle of histone acetylation and deacetylation is changed in an infection. The genetics that is to be acetylated, and hence actuated, become quite. Below are the various ways the keto diet can help in gene expression and repair.


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Keto Diet and Cancer

In malignancy, it is foreseeable to have abnormal patterns of acetylation and deacetylation. This is the reason for the suppression of specific genes. Genetic information that keep us safe from cancer is under suppression (for example tumor-suppressing).

While changing or harming the DNA our cells act to repair the damage. For instance, one of the significant tumor silencer genes, p53 – otherwise known as \”Guardian of the Genome\”, tells a cell that might be dividing abnormally quickly to quit dividing.

In many tumors, p53 is deacetylated and not showed. HDAC inhibitors are developed specifically to open areas of the DNA that are abnormally silenced in cancer.

BHB has a similar effect as anti-cancer drugs. The keto diet as a potential enemy of cancer treatment proposes that it can change the manner in which genes are expressed. The study lead by Dr. Adrienne Scheck has demonstrated when mice with brain cancer are put on a ketogenic diet, the expression of genes of the tumor changes in a manner similar to healthy tissues. This might be clarified by BHB\’s HDAC inhibition.


A 2013 paper showed that BHB is a class 1 and class 2A HDAC inhibitor, in human early-stage kidney cells (HEK923), that surges endogenous antioxidant capacity. It helps in boosting our own cell and physiological security against oxidative pressure. Damage to DNA is together present to oxidative pressure in bodies.

To realize that we have an endogenous metabolite that epigenetically enhances the expression of these protective mechanisms is profound. BHB enhances acetylation, and in this manner expression of oxidative stress-resistant genes. It happens through HDAC  inhibition, explicitly inside the FOX03A pathway.


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Another paper published in Cell Metabolism used a ketogenic diet in mice and researched various markers related to health, life span, and even tumor suppressant.

The outcomes indicate an increase in middle life expectancy by 13.6% in it bunch contrasted with the control, even without calorie restriction.

The measures were mediated through epigenetic regulation of various genes including p53 and DDIT4, both of which are negative controllers of mTORC1, driver of maturing, and age-related disorders.

Keto Diet And Autophagy

One characteristic of aging is the collection of damage, and this is to a great extent because of the reduction of autophagy to accomplish satisfactory levels. It is evident that bringing up autophagy to youth levels can improve aging.

Cells use autophagy to dispose of harmed proteins and organelles, to neutralize the negative impacts of aging on the body. Autophagy is vital to stretching out life expectancy and to staying away from the disease of aging.


Everybody responds to the diet in a different manner so it is important to understand individual body need. And that is why nutrition needs to be individualized. 

It is important to discuss any intended diet plan with a doctor, dietitian or trusted healthcare provider. So this is especially for people who are trying to control a health problem or disease. And people looking to start this diet should seek consultation with a certified nutritionist to ensure the keto diet is a safe eating pattern for them.

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