Keto BHB : All You Need to Know About It

Keto BHB

If you\’ve been looking for a keto diet or have been limiting your carb intake for a while, chances are you\’ve come across beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB supplements. Such powders, tablets, and drinks aim to make keto simpler and if you are already in ketosis, improve your performance. However, does it work? This article explains all you need to know about BHB, how it works on a keto diet, and if you should add a BHB supplement to your diet or not.

If you start going to ketosis first, the body starts pumping acetoacetate out. Acetoacetate molecules can bind the two other forms of ketone bodies to either power cells or to BHB and acetone. When you get further into ketosis, the levels of BHB will increase, which is when you begin to feel unstoppable.


If you start to make a decent amount of BHB, you will learn, as you will experience:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced cravings and hunger
  • Skyrocketing energy
  • Focus and brainpower

This is what drew you to keto in the first place.

When transitioning from burning carbs to burning fat, you can experience a tough time of keto flu. It is totally natural, it doesn\’t last long, and on the other hand, all of the wonderful benefits of keto await
you. Hang on to it!


Some people take Keto BHB in the form of ketone supplements but with the ones on the market there are a range of disadvantages. You will find the pros and cons of all the various forms of exogenous ketones about halfway through this article. Certainly, exogenous ketones will raise your ketone levels, but at what cost?
The market includes three major forms of ketone supplements. Below are each  Keto BHB with all necessary primary downsides to know about them:

#1 Ketone Esters

Ketone esters are a molecule of BHB bound to a molecule of alcohol (1,3 butanediol, not
ethanol, so don\’t worry about getting tipsy). Ketone esters lift the ketones, but on the market they\’re
pretty fresh and we\’re still learning what they\’re doing, good or bad. These are more expensive, and
taste like an industrial antiseptic.

#2 Ketone Salts

Ketone salts are attached to a mineral and they taste a bit different than ketone esters. Even ketone salts are new to the supplements industry, and the full spectrum of side effects has not yet been reported. Some people are claiming digestive disorder which is not fun.

#3 Raspberry ketones

For your ketone levels Raspberry ketones do zippo. When you see a modest spike in ketones, that is because the manufacturer has used a small amount of fat in the formulation.

Brain Octane Oil

Incorporating Brain Octane Oil into your low-carb diet is the most efficient way to raise your ketone
levels. Brain Octane Oil is a medium-chain fat that skips a few metabolic steps and transforms directly into ketones that can almost instantly be used by your body. It\’s made of triple-distilled caprylic acid, which is a fat that creates ketones so effectively that it increases ketones four times faster than low-carb diet or fasting by itself.

A UCSD study showed that caprylic acid produced ketones more effectively than any other form of MCT. Caprylic acid is 100 per cent caprylic acid in brain octane oil.


Your body recognises Brain Octane Oil as a fat, and knows what to do with it, unlike the Keto BHB-containing chemical compounds that have hit the market in recent years. When you create the right conditions for it your body will create all the BHB you need. Reduce sugars, apply octane brain oil and watch the levels go up. Save time, skip the factor of risk and let your body do its thing!

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