Tomatoes on keto diet

Principles of A Clean Ketogenic Diet

Tomatoes in the keto diet

Tomatoes and their uses in the keto plan are always important for keto lovers

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The Keto diet is a rich-fat diet, with moderate protein, and very low carbohydrates. the carbohydrates should come only from the low carbs vegetables. in the keto diet, we cut down all the major sources of carbohydrates.

choosing food items for your keto diet became difficult sometimes but having good knowledge of nutrition content. And, of all the food items you are planning to add to your diet makes it easier to track your macronutrient requirements.

Why cutting carbs is important on keto

Cutting carbs is the most important step in keto diet plans as restrictions of carbs allows the body to use stored fat to make ketones

In the keto diet, we can only have 10-20℅carbohydrates from total calories so it\’s important to restrict carbs

Elimination of all cereals, pulses, and grains is important even if we can not have all the fruits and vegetables only low carbs vegetables, and berries we can have in the keto diet.

Tomatoes and its nutritional information

Tomatoes are a great fruit, here we can find it\’s nutritional information per serving

Size – 100gm ( medium)

Cares – 3-4 gm

Protein- 1.5gm

As we can see tomatoes contains 3-4 gm of carbohydrates per serving.

which makes it suitable to add to keto recipes but we need to be careful when it comes to fulfilling macronutrient requirements.

Tomatoes are good in vitamin c, fiber has low carb content. so in most of the keto recipes, we can use tomatoes.

Are tomatoes keto-friendly?

tomatoes are easier to add to the daily carb limit than other fruit. which is what makes tomatoes keto-friendly. It is important for other low-carb fruits, including zucchini, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, and avocado.

In addition to their low-carb content, they are rich in fiber.

and contain a variety of beneficial plant compounds which may be lacking on a strict ketogenic diet. here are the following reasons to include them on your keto diet.

Hence, be sure to check the ingredient label when purchasing a tomato-based product and avoid those containing extra sugar.

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