Shark Tank India Fame Keto India Rebrands To Livofy, Raises 550k USD


Keto India was set in motion in 2019 by our founder, Sahil Pruthi post an intense two-year-long research period in which he scrutinize the benefits of nutrition and supplementation in Weight Loss and Lifestyle Disease Management.

Now our company is rebranding itself as Livofy in order to reflect its widen focus. The rebranding is happening in conjunction with a boost in investment the company has received from various outlets that have seen the prospective for profit and growth in their unique approach to healthcare.

Sahil concentrated on the keto diet as the main strategy to tackle issues including weight loss, hypothyroidism, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), diabetes, and other ailments. Livofy was formed out of a desire to find non-intrusive solutions for modern lifestyle-based health conditions.

The company relies on a sophisticated AI protocol that offers individuals tailored care while taking into consideration their health history, dietary preferences, and body parameters. The outcome is a comprehensive diet and supplement plan that is specially crafted to have an influence on each client’s unique health challenges.

Although he was offered a 1.6 crore INR investment in exchange for 16% stock in the company, Sahil represented his brand on Shark Tank India in search of funding and mentorship. Four Sharks, Ashneer Grover, MD of Bharat Pe, Peyush Bansal, CEO of Lenskart, Namita Thapar, ED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and Aman Gupta, CMO of BoAt, made the offer to “genuine, smart founders,” as one of the investors put it.

Despite the offer being legitimately profitable, Sahil ultimately made the decision to forgo it and continue with his own vision and assessment of the business. But he did remember one piece of advice from the Sharks—to reposition the company away from its exclusive association with the Keto diet.

Sahil was immediately inundated with proposals more in line with his ideas after his debut on Shark Tank India helped promote his product and service to a wider range of customers and investors. Startup investors including Ivy Growth Partners and Amity Technology Incubator scooped up the business, which helped it grow its service offering and create a more complex user interface. Additionally, Livofy (previously Keto India) attracted a number of investors who contributed capital to the project.

Amit Singhal (Founding Partner, Fluid Ventures), Manish Aggarwal (Managing Partner, Real-Time Angel Fund), Nitin Gupta (Founder Etherea) along with a network of other angel investors, Atul and Ashish Jain of Rosin Jewels came on board. And, other significant High Net-worth Individuals like Mayank Jain and Gauri Chachad also supported it, helping it transition from Keto India into Livofy with a total of 550k USD raised in funds.

Livofy has also been selected as a part of the coveted Stanford Seed Program that promises world-class business training and resources to help entrepreneurs from promising startups and profitable companies take their businesses, countries, and regions to the next level.

Dr. Anuj Dhariwal (Ex Bain and Bayer), Prabhat Gupta (Founder and Ex CTO of Travel Triangle), Rahul Rosha (Founder of Novique Health), and Kapel Malhotra (Founder, of Total Solutions) are among the network of advisors for Livofy. They advise the company in terms of technology, products, growth, healthcare, and strategy.

Livofy was a brand created by Keto India that was intended for customers who wished to explore beyond the ketogenic diet. Soon after, Sahil made the decision to entirely rebrand the business as Livofy after realizing that his own vision for it went beyond the restrictions of that particular diet.

The term Livofy is an abbreviation of the phrase “Live For Yourself”.  As a philosophy, it embodies what the company has always stood for: liberating ourselves from the issues that arise when we adopt the pace and habits of a contemporary, urban lifestyle.

During his research about nutrition, Sahil realized that dietary control involved not only the number of calories consumed with each serving but also the micro and macronutrients present in the food that had an impact on the body at a cellular and hormonal level. The company has worked with over 10,000 customers since its inception, and the customer insight they obtained indicated that there was a demand for an integrated personalized strategy as opposed to straightforward dietary regimens.

As a result, the new Livofy brand is concentrated on giving its customers a more comprehensive lifestyle makeover, identifying and resolving problem areas specific to each person with the assistance of health coaches and nutritionists through customized diets, supplements, and tests. Current lifestyle problems including PCOS, Obesity, Thyroid, Diabetes, and Hypertension are still a focus for Livofy because of the crippling consequences they have on the global population.

We as a team at Livofy are driven by the famous quote, “A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only has one”. Livofy is here just to make sure that people are able to live healthier lives, free from chronic pain and ailments, and are able to live out all of their thousand wishes.

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