Following a Successful Fundraising Venture worth 550k USD, Keto India is Rebranding itself as Livofy to Reflect their Broadened, Holistic Focus


Keto India was launched in 2019 by Sahil Pruthi following an intense two year long research period where he investigated the benefits offered by the ketogenic diet.


Now the company is rebranding itself as Livofy to reflect its broadened focus. The rebranding is happening in concurrence with a boost in investment the company has received from various outlets that have seen the potential for profit and growth in their unique approach to healthcare.The company was born out of a need to find non-intrusive treatments to modern lifestyle-based health concerns, Sahil had focused on the keto diet as the primary approach to combating problems like Obesity, Hypothyroidism, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), Diabetes, etc. The venture is based on a sophisticated AI protocol that provided users with personalized care regimens taking their health background, meal preferences, and body parameters into account. The result is a complete nutrition and supplement plan specifically curated to impact the health concerns of each individual client.Sahil presented his brand in the Indian version of Shark Tank, looking for investment and mentorship, and although he was offered an investment of 1.6 crore INR in exchange for 16% equity in the company. The offer, made to ‘genuine, smart founders‘ as one of the investors said, was collectively from four Sharks, Ashneer GroverMD of Bharat PePeyush BansalCEO of LenskartNamita ThaparED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and Aman GuptaCMO of BoAt. Although a  genuinely lucrative opportunity, Sahil ultimately decided to forego it and stick to his own vision, and valuation, for the company. But one piece of advice he did retain from the Sharks was the suggestion to rebrand itself from its unitary alignment with the Keto diet.

Sahil’s appearance on Shark Tank India helped promote his service to a wider array of clients and investors, and he was soon flooded with offers more in line with his ideas. The company was picked up by start-up incubators like Ivy Growth Partners and Amity Technology Incubator, which helped expand the repertoire of services being provided, and develop a more involved user experience and interface. Additionally, Keto India also attracted multiple investors who injected money into the venture. Mr. Amit Singhal invested in the company through Fluid Ventures with 10 other angel investors, Mr. Atul and Ashish Jain of Rosin Jewels came on board, and other influential High Net-worth Individuals like Mayyank Jain and Gauri Chachad also backed the company and helped it transition from Keto India into Livofy with a total of 550k USD raised in funds.

Livofy as a brand had already been a part of Keto India’s overarching umbrella for a while, meant for clients who wanted to go beyond the ketogenic diet. Sahil soon realized that his own vision of the company also surpassed the confines of that specific diet, and decided to rebrand it completely to Livofy.

The term Livofy is an abbreviation of the phrase Live For Yourself. As a philosophy, it reflects what the brand has always stood for, a reclamation of our lives from the clutches of problems that come with adopting the pace and practices of a modern, urban lifestyle.

During his research about nutrition, Sahil Pruthi realized that dietary control was not simply about the number of calories being consumed with each serving, but also the micro and macronutrients contained within the food that impacts the body at a cellular and hormonal level. Since its inception, the company has served over 10k clients, and the customer insight they gained pointed towards the demand for an integrated personalized approach, as opposed to simple dietary plans.

Thus the new Livofy brand is focused on providing a more holistic lifestyle overhaul for its clients, identifying and addressing problem areas unique to every person with the help of health coaches and nutritionists through personalized diets, supplementation, and tests. The target of current lifestyle diseases like PCOS, Obesity, Thyroid, Diabetes, and Hypertension remains firm, as Livofy aims to reduce and eradicate their debilitating effects on the world population.

Sahil and his team are driven by the famous quote, A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only has one. Livofy is here to make sure that people are able to live healthy lives, free from chronic pain and ailments, and dream and live out all of their thousand wishes.


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