Hacks to improve energy while working from home

Hacks to improve energy while working from home

Covid has affected our work culture too. Most of the professionals are working from home. With cases move up, shifting to the ‘home office’ will become the new norm for many of us. And for the segment of us who will be working from home for the first time, this implies how to stay on task in a new environment that may not typically lend itself to productivity.

Ample of us have fantasized about working from the comfort of our own home and foregoing our commute in favour of more sleep, family or exercise time. But the reality is that working remotely is a double-edged weapon. Whether it’s going down the slippery slope of watching “one more episode” on Netflix or struggling the itch to do housework (which suddenly seems much more appealing than your to-do list), staying energetic at home can take a little extra effort.

It’s always better to just start doing hacks, you’ll see below. If you too are working from home and struggle with keeping your energy for the whole day. Then, here are some hacks to improve energy while working from home that really works:


Hacks to improve energy while working from home



1)Set up a workspace– Come out of your room. Instead of lying in bed with a laptop, try something more planned. Do as much as you can to prepare a well-equipped, bespoke space that you can associate with your job, and leave when you’re off the clock. Ideally, this should be a separate room where you can close the door – signaling to those you live with that you’re working. 

2)Get dressed before your start working.

 Don’t stay in your pajamas all day. Changing into something else before you start your day sets the tone. Wear a shirt or trousers.

3)Take care of your mental health-

High-stress levels due to remote working. If you feel yourself becoming anxious, switch to exercise, reading, listening to podcasts, creative pursuits, intellectual pursuits Spend time with your friends and family. Communication is the key. 




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4)Go outside

The fresh air, the act of leaving home itself, being around people, and being in public are all things that will freshen you up and make you alert. You can take a walk, talk with nature or just spend 15 minutes outside your building.

5)Batch your tasks-

It’s incredibly easy to get sidetracked when working from home. On one side you’re answering emails or hopping on a conference call, and on the next, you’re wearing rubber gloves while scrubbing your shower. Sound familiar? We recommend scheduling out your day with committed time blocks for each similar task to preserve as much of your mental energy as possible. This means that you set a dedicated time to respond to emails, work on a specific project, have meetings, and do housework, rather than jump in and out of each task haphazardly throughout the day.

6)Learn something new-

Work is likely to lower down for many people during the pandemic but this in itself can make an opportunity. Think of something new to add to your resume. Learn a skill, maybe a language or any new thing which you have not done before.do something to keep yourself cognitively active. You might never get this kind of timespan to learn something again. Use it!

7)Focus on your well-being-

If you aren’t in quarantine, try not to spend all day indoors and keep up social interactions. Prolonged isolation could potentially impact morale and productivity. Try to sustain a semblance of normalcy and companionship can go a long way. Try to get out of the house for some time at once. Spare time for casual conversations and ‘water cooler chat to add a bit of levity and lightness to an otherwise difficult situation. While it’s tempting to stockpile on junk food, unfortunately, sugar highs are inevitably followed by crashes, so not only will an unhealthy diet compromise your immune system. But they’re also not the ideal option for keeping your brain focused! Since one of the joys of working from home is that you can make and eat a proper meal.  You should target and commit to cooking healthy snacks and lunches at home.

If you’re worried that people will think you’re relaxing, tell your team that you’re logging off for lunch to avoid being disturbed.


So you can incorporate these hacks to improve your energy while working from home. Your mental and physical health is very crucial. Please take care of yourself first 🙂


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