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The dish known as “appe” is a shallow-fried round or dumpling made from flattened rice, urad dal, or a mixture of mixed lentils like chana dal, urad dal, and urad dal. Typically, rice appe is a common dish in Maharashtra and Karnataka’s Konkan region on the west coast of India. In South India, rice appe is referred to by a number of names, including paddu, appe, guliappa, gulittu, yeriyappa, gundponglu, and ponganalu. Read this blog to know all about appe recipe and learn how to make appe.

About Appe

If you want to prepare appe recipe at home, try our special recipe, which will give the usual appe a protein boost. It is referred to as moong dal appe. It is made with dal,rava, and vegetables. This recipe is not only delicious but will also provide you with the right nutrition. If you are confused about how to make appe, then don’t worry we will show you how.

Serves Time Difficulty
1-2 40 minutes Moderate

How To Make Instant Appe at Home

You can easily make an appe recipe at home. It is easy to make and is nutritious. Here’s how to make appe

Step 1: Take some oil in a pan and add some oil to it, when the oil turns hot add mustard and cumin seeds.

Step 2: Now add cashews and some chopped curry leaves and fry for about a minute.

Step 3: Now add some rava to the pan and roast it on medium heat.

Step 4: Now add some salt and turn off the stove and let it cool.

Step 5: Now pour some water into the mixture and mix it well. Let it rest for 10 minutes

Step 6: Now pour some yogurt and lemon juice into the mixture

Step 7: Now add some carrots to the mixture and mix well. Check out some amazing Nutritional Importance Of Carrots

Step 8: Take the appe pan and add the appe mixture. Make sure to coat the pan with some oil

Step 9: Now cook until the base turns firm and the sides are crisp.

You can also add other ingredients into your easy appe recipe according to your preferences.

Preparation for Appe Recipe

Now that you know how to make appe, there are a few preparations you can make for your easy appe recipe.

1. Both dals should be soaked for at least an hour in lukewarm water. Drain away any extra water.

2. The dals should now be processed in a mixer grinder to create a smooth paste. Adding a little water is optional in this appe recipe.

3. Turn the appe over with a fork after applying some oil to the top. Cook the opposite side as well.

4. Always preheat the appe mold before filling the batter this will ensure your batter does not stick to the mold

Ingredients for Appe

To know how to make appe you must also know the ingredients properly. The ingredients for an easy appe recipe is as follows.

  • Moong dal, half cup
  • Urad dal, 1/4 cup
  • Onion: 2 (chopped)
  • Green chilies: 4 (finely chopped)
  • Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons
  • Grated coconut: 2–3 tablespoons
  • Baking soda, a pinch
  • Salty to taste
  • Oil or ghee—to grease

You can add additional masalas if you want to make appe masala.

Method/Steps to Cook Appe

Step 1: Often, leftover idli and dosa batter is used to make appe. You may quickly prepare the Quick Vegetable Appe recipe for a jhatpat South-Indian breakfast.

Step 2: The appe mold” is a particular piece of equipment used to make instant rava appe, instant veggie rava appam, and South Indian-style rava appe. You can browse through our extensive variety of recipes that use ape mold.

Step 3: Place fine semolina/rava in a large bowl and proceed with the instant rava appam recipe to make instant veggie rava appam and rava appe in the South Indian style.

Step 4: Add curd to it. Curd quickly softens the semolina in addition to giving it a sour flavor.

Step 5: With a whisk, combine thoroughly with about 5 tbsp of water. Make sure there are no lumps left.

Step 6: Now incorporate other veggies, such as grated carrots. You can also add other veggies in this appe recipe.

Step 7: Add the finely chopped bell pepper. You may simply omit the addition of vegetables and prepare a simple appetizer with the standard South Indian seasoning.

Step 8: Add onions, finely chopped. They not only add color and nutrition to the batter but also give the food a pleasant crunch as it cooks.

Step 9: Add salt now, to taste, stir thoroughly, and set aside. The fact that this batter doesn’t need to be ground or fermented is its best feature.

Step 10: Heat the oil in a small nonstick pan and add mustard seeds.

Step 11: Next, add curry leaves.

Step 12: Add this to the curd-rava mix and mix it well.

Step 13: Now take an apple mold and grease it using 1/2 tsp of oil.

Step 14: Pour batter into each mold.

Step 15: Cook until golden brown and then turn to the other side.

Step 16: Serve the instant rava appe immediately with coconut chutney.

You can also have this easy appe recipe with mint chutney. You can also add more masalas into this appe recipe and make appe masala.

Any Alternate Way to make Appe

Yes, there is an alternate way to make appe recipe that is really nutritious.

Step 1: With a whisk, combine the semolina and curds with roughly 5 tablespoons of water.
Step 2: Combine thoroughly after adding the carrot, capsicum, onions, coriander, green chili paste, and salt.
Set apart.
Step 3: In a small nonstick pan, heat the oil. Add the mustard seeds and asafoetida. Sauté for 30 seconds over medium heat.
Step 4: Add it and thoroughly combine it with the semolina-curd mixture.
Step 5: Grease the pomegranate mold with 12 tsp of oil while it’s heating up on a medium burner.

Step 6: Add one tablespoon of batter to each mold.
Step 7: Fry each appetizer using 12 teaspoons of oil until the lower surface turns golden brown. Then, using a fork, flip each appetizer upside down to cook it from the other side as well.
Step 8: To make 21 more appetizers in three more batches, repeat steps 5 through 7. Also, you can make appe masala by adding more masalas in the batter.

Nutritional value in Appe

Knowing the nutritional value of appe recipe is as important as knowing how to make appe.

Serving size 1 Appe
Calories 24cal
Fat 1.3g
Carbs 2.3g
Protein 0.5g

Pro Tips to make the best Appe at home

Knowing how to make appe is great but what about making the appe recipe better and more delicious? Take a look at these pro tips to make the best appe at home.

1. Both daals should be soaked for at least an hour in lukewarm water. Drain away any extra water. Read about Low Carb Dals

2. The dals should now be processed in a mixer grinder to create a smooth paste. Adding a little water is optional.

3. Transfer the paste to a mixing bowl. Mix in the baking soda, salt, onion, green chili, grated coconut, and coriander leaves. Make sure the consistency is similar to dosa batter.

4. Serve these hot as an appe recipe goes well with coconut chutney.

5. Always make sure to use fresh ingredients for your appe recipe as it will make your recipe taste more delicious.

Health Benefits of Appe

The health benefits of Appe are plenty that’s why you should make an easy appe recipe once in a while. Here are a few benefits of an apple recipe

1. Helps with digestion 

Having appe can help aid digestion in the body since it is made with sooji which is high in fiber. It is also filled with vitamins like thiamine and folate. An appe recipe cooked with vegetables can also provide you with additional fiber.

2. Filled with Vitamins

People know how to make appe but do not know that it contains various vitamins. Eating appe once in a while can provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, especially the B Vitamins. If you are on a Keto diet then check out  Sources of Vitamins In Keto

Tips to limit the calorie in Appe

It’s easy to know how to make appe but reducing the calories in an easy appe recipe can be confusing to many. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Always use oils that are healthy and low in calories. Refrain from using butter or oils that are high in calories as these will increase the amount of cholesterol in your body. This will also increase the calories in your appe recipe.

2. If you want your appe recipe to be low in calories then you can also reduce the number of nuts in it. Nuts are a healthy source of fats

3. If you are using any sauces in making appe recipe then read the label carefully as many sauces are filled with unwanted sugar and are high in calories. Take a look at these amazing Sugar-Free Biscuits


What are some other dishes I can make with Appe?

There are many dishes you can make with appe such as Pulse appe, Jowar Palak appe and oats appe.

What’s different in the Paneer Appe Recipe by Livofy?

Livofy tells you how to make appe recipe healthy and delicious at the same time. Our recipes are great for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is the cooking time for appe?

The cooking time for an appe recipe is about 40 minutes.

Is Appe healthy?

Appe is healthy as it is made with sooji which is a great source of fiber and vitamins.

What is the right time to have appe?

The right time to have appe is in the morning as it is a great source of energy.

Is there any side effects of eating appe?

Eating too much appe can cause an upset stomach and indigestion.

How many calories does appe have?

One appe has about 24 calories. It also has 2.3g of Carbs.

How to make appe with rice?

You can make appe with rice by just replacing the sooji with rice, the steps to make it remain the same

How to make appe spicier?

In order to make appe masala you can just add additional spices or masalas in the batter according to your taste and preferences.

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