Keto Shahi Paneer Kali Mirch

Keto Shahi Paneer Kali Mirch

So how many Shahi Paneer fans are there in the house? I know you are lifting both your hands right there! That’s exactly why we thought why not share with you the Keto Shahi Paneer Kali Mirch version of it so that you can enjoy it even when you are on a Keto diet.

Keto Shahi Paneer Kali Mirch- The Love of North Indian Cuisine. A healthy and low carb recipe for you. This recipe doesn\’t require a lot of ingredients nor does it take a lot of time to cook. So keep on reading for this amazing recipe and go reward your tastebuds.



1) Paneer – 100gms

2) Butter- 5gms

3) Salt to taste

4) Chilli powder – a pinch

5) ½ tsp Shahi paneer butter masala (Everest brand)

6) 1/4th cup Water

7) 2 Cheese slices


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1) In a non-stick pan, add the butter, melt it in the saucepan. 

2) Cut paneer in small cubes 

3) Add salt, black pepper, a pinch of chili powder and shahi paneer masala in the saucepan.

4) Keep the pan over medium-high heat, and add the paneer cubes.

5) Let it all simmer together for 5 minutes.

6) Mix till the paneer is browned lightly on all sides.

7) Add water and whisk well allow to cook for 10 minutes. 

8) add cheese slices. Keep whisking until the cheese melts completely and coats the paneer.

9) Let it cook for 5-10minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and garam masala. Mix well.

10) The dish is ready to serve.


Tip: The perfect option to serve with flax roti or cauliflower rice for lunch!


Nutritional Facts Per Serving

Calories: 458kcal 

Carbs: 7.8g 

Proteins: 15.6g

Fats: 40.4g

Sodium: 82 mg

Magnesium: 16 mg

Potassium: 256 mg


This recipe is one of the most splendid vegetarian dishes. It consists of healthy fats like butter, cheese, paneer and garnished with spices that everyone loves.

We love this recipe and we know you will too. This is as easy as it gets, so what is your excuse now? Get yourself started today and Stay tuned for more such keto weight loss journeys, health content, and recipes! Also, don\’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the daily dose of the Keto Lifestyle!


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