Yoga Can Help You Overcome Your PCOS

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Several studies suggest that Yoga can help overcome PCOS. It has known to be beneficial for reducing the symptoms and other pathologies of PCOS. The article talks about Yoga instructor-Gunjan Kamra\’s take on how the keto diet and yoga helps to overcome PCOS and manage its symptoms.

What Gunjan Kamra Has To Say:

Gunjan Kamra

Gunjan Kamra is a certified Yoga instructor, Stress Management, and diabetic management trainer from S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore.

 She specializes in strength and flexibility training with Yoga, therapeutic healing, and cyclic meditation. Also, She performs a number of yoga styles, ranging from chair yoga to bhakti yoga and karma yoga.

She has consulted both corporates and individuals on exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

Gunjan\’s Take On How Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

Keto Diet For Weight Loss

Yoga not just helps with weight loss, it makes you stronger and flexible too. It can do to your body as well as for your mind. It\’s not just for the body. Also, it is the best thing you can do in quarantine time and free time because you just need your mat, right? You don\’t need any types of equipment, no gym, low cardio, no running no guidance. So it will help you try if you are new to yoga,  So just try the Surya Namaskar. That is one new exercise that you have to learn, and it will give you so many benefits. And then that there are so many postures for yoga, for weight loss,  standing asanas, triangle postures. You can search for the postures on google. But if you are really new to yoga, just try this with Surya namaskar.

Gunjan Kamra emphasis just one thing you have to learn that Yoga will help you not just lose weight but So many things that make you more strong and flexible as well. She recommends doing Surya namaskar for your weight loss and health benefits.



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Gunjan\’s\’ Take On How Yoga Helps With PCOS.

Yes, it helps with PCOS, there is nothing with which yoga can\’t help. She mentions there are so many researchers. It\’s not just her talking about from a level of yoga. There are so many researches and all it\’s so ancient it\’s so a very ordered light system that has been helping. So basically Where this is originating in our abdominal region or near your pelvic region? So whatever postures focus on your abdominal region will help you.

You can perform asana, child posture, or a bent forward posture, where you sit on your knees and just bend forward you put a little bit of pressure or contraction on your abdomen.

Asana\’s recommended by her

She also demonstrates the child\’s posture. Just sit on your knees. If you\’re sitting like this and bend forward. And push put pressure on your abdomen. So whatever postures you can do it similar on the side, where you go to the knee and you can do it on your knees. Sit on your knees and bend forward with like, this is a child posture.

She recommends all sitting postures which put pressure on your abdomen and the area where you focused where your PCOs lie, that is your pelvic region and near your abdominal.

She also talks about the immense benefit of Surya namaskar is that this posture helps generate heat in your body and when you generate heat in your body, the cyst, which isn\’t PCOS, it melts down and gets shorter in size. 

Another Tip by her just breathes, inhale, and exhale from your right nostril.  So your right nostril still is again for weight loss as well as PCOS.  Nostril is Surya ka nostril. And when you inhale and exhale from the right nostril for the same amount of time, generates heat in your body increases your metabolism and melts, any kind of cysts that you have. 

Gunjan\’s yoga tips would be really helpful combined with the keto diet for women who are suffering from PCOS and wanted weight loss.

Here\’s the full video of Gunjan Kamra\’s take on Yoga\’s Effect On PCOS:


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