Sooji Halwa Recipe

Sooji Halwa Recipe

The Sooji halwa recipe is a rich, soft, and savory dessert made with almonds, cashew, ghee, and Sooji. It’s a treat to your taste buds and the best solution for your dessert cravings. Halwa is a common sweet dish prepared in Indian households and the Sooji halwa recipe has been present in the Indian kitchen since time immemorial, It is also known as Sooji Sheera or Rava Kesari.

Sooji Halwa Recipe is a quick and easy recipe that can be prepared for festivals and happy occasions. It does not require many ingredients and can be easily prepared at home. 

About Sooji Halwa Recipe

According to some food historians, halwa came to India during the Delhi Sultanate period and it has become the go-to dessert for Indians since then. Though the ingredients added in the Sooji Halwa Recipe are very simple, it still tastes divine. Read this blog to know all about how to make Sooji halwa.




 5-6 people

 30-40 mins medium medium medium


How to Make Instant Sooji Halwa at Home

Let’s learn how to make a Sooji halwa recipe at home in some easy and simple steps-

Step 1- Heat around 1 cup of ghee in a kadhai and use a heavy pan so that the Sooji doesn’t get burned.

Step 2– Make a sugar solution for halwa simultaneously, keep the sugar and water to boil on a different burner.

Step 3–  Add 2 cups of sooji or semolina and try to use a fine variety to easily prepare the Sooji Halwa Recipe.

Step 4– Add some cashews, cardamom powder, and almonds, either halved or whole, and also add sugar.

Step 5- Mix it well and roast the sooji and cashews. 

Step 6– Stir the Sooji properly till it gets brown and the cashews become golden. A fresh aroma of ghee and sooji will surround the kitchen and you will have an easy Sooji Halwa Recipe ready.

Preparation for Sooji Halwa Recipe

If you want to know how to make an easy Sooji Halwa Recipe, some preparations beforehand will help you ace the recipe better. 

1. Choose a good quality of Sooji, it will enhance the quality of the halwa better.

2. Gather the ingredients, the dry fruits that you want to put in like cashews or almonds, can be added according to your taste.

3. Roast the Sooji well, if it remains half-cooked then it will affect the taste.

4. Try to have utensils that can help you ease the process, non-stick utensils will be helpful since the grains won’t stick on them.

Ingredients for Sooji Halwa Recipe

  • Key ingredient- Sooji or Semolina (2 cups)

Method/Steps to Cook Sooji Halwa

If you don’t know how to make Sooji Halwa, follow these steps to make an easy Sooji Halwa Recipe-

Step 1- In a pan take one cup of Ghee and keep it on a low flame, when the ghee melts add Sooji to it. Fry it properly until it gets light brown.

Step 2- It’s better to prepare the sugar syrup simultaneously, for this boil water in a pan on low heat and add sugar when the water starts to boil, stir it well.

Step 3- Put the sugar syrup in the roasted Sooji and mix it well, the halwa gets its rich taste from the dry fruits that are added to it so putting them is an important part of the Sooji Halwa Recipe.

Step 4- Add some cashews, almonds, and the dry fruits of your choice, 1/2 tablespoon of green cardamom powder will make the Sooji halwa more delicious and mouth-watering.

Step 5- Add some small pieces of almonds for garnishing and serve the hot Sooji halwa to your friends and family, and give them a sweet treat.

Any Alternate Way to Make Sooji Halwa

Now you know how to make Sooji Halwa, try this method also to learn an alternate way to prepare an easy Sooji Halwa Recipe.

Step 1- Cut the almonds and cashews and keep them aside.
Step 2- In a Saucepan take one cup of water. Once it starts boiling, add jaggery powder and make syrup. Then, strain it and keep it aside.
Step 3- Add ghee in a kadhai, Once it starts to warm up, add fennel seeds and let it crackle.
Step 4- Add semolina and roast it on a low flame until it turns golden.
Step 5- Add jaggery syrup along with the remaining water and stir it continuously.
Step 6– Add cashew nut and raisin once the halwa begins to thicken, cook it for another 5-6 mins. Avoiding sugar and adding jaggery makes it a healthier way to make an easy Sooji Halwa Recipe. You can also check our Gajar Halwa recipe.

Nutritional Value in Sooji Halwa

Learning how to make Sooji Halwa is incomplete without knowing its nutritional value. Here is the nutritional value of a Sooji Halwa recipe.



12 g


17 g

103 g


9 g

42 g


Pro Tips to Make the Best Sooji Halwa at Home

Knowing how to make a Sooji Halwa recipe is good but these pro tips can make your easy Sooji Halwa recipe a whole lot better.

  • Roasting Sooji on a low flame for a longer duration of time will enhance the richness of the flavor.
  • The perfect ratio of suji: ghee: sugar is 1:1:1, try to maintain that to prepare a delicious Sooji Halwa recipe at home.
  • Don’t leave the Sooji unattended, roast it well in a heavy utensil.

Health Benefits of Sooji Halwa

1. Sooji halwa’s nutritional value is nice because Sooji is rich in Iron, Vitamin B and E.

2. This dish contains good amounts of calcium and zinc that help in boosting bone health and immunity.

3. If jaggery powder is used instead of sugar then it also becomes suitable for diabetic patients and you can easily prepare the Sooji Halwa Recipe.

Tips to limit the Calorie in Sooji Halwa

A lot of people know how to make Sooji Halwa but making it healthily is the real challenge, follow these tips for the same-

1. In the Sooji Halwa Recipe try swapping out traditional sugar and instead use a substitute, like stevia or monk fruit. If you are a fitness freak and still a dessert fan, you can try our Keto desserts with Coconut Flavor.

2. Use of low-fat or almond milk instead of whole milk will help reduce fat content.
3. Consider replacing some or all of the ghee in the recipe with healthy oils like coconut or olive oil.



What are some other dishes I can make with Sooji?

Some other dishes that can be made from Sooji or Rava are Rava idli, Rava Dosa, Rava Dhokla, etc. If you want to explore more about Sooji Halwa Recipe with the same ingredients, you can check out our Sheera Recipe.

What’s different in the Sooji Halwa Recipe by Livofy?

We present to you the Sooji Halwa Recipe in a simple way, you can learn how to make Sooji Halwa Recipe with your favorite dry fruits and also in a healthy manner.

What is the cooking time for Sooji Halwa?

The Cooking time for an easy Sooji Halwa recipe is 30-40 mins.

Is Sooji Halwa healthy?

Since Sooji contains a good amount of Vitamin and Iron, it is healthy for consumption, it’s better if you use jaggery powder and an alternative oil to make the easy Sooji Halwa Recipe healthier.

What is the right time to have Sooji Halwa?

You can have Sooji Halwa as an evening snack or even as a dessert after your dinner.

Are there any side effects of eating Sooji?

Sooji’s side effects may include nausea and vomiting, indigestion and Diarrhea, Consumption of Sooji is not suitable for people who are allergic and intolerant to gluten.

How many calories does Sooji Halwa have?

Now you know how to make Sooji Halwa but it’s also important to know that one serving of Sooji Halwa has around 285 Calories.

How to make Sooji Halwa interesting?

You can make an easy Sooji Halwa recipe interesting by adding the dry fruits of your choice and giving it a unique touch and flavor.

How to make Sooji Halwa healthy?

To make Sooji Halwa healthy try to avoid ghee and sugar and add its alternatives to your recipe.

How to make Sooji Halwa at home?

Sooji Halwa can be easily made at home because the ingredients used are very simple and easily available, you just need to collect the dry fruits of your choice.








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