Keto Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Keto Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Keto Strawberry Mint Lemonade is the perfect drink to calm down when it is unbearably hot outside. It is a perfect combo of pureed strawberries and mint lemonade. Everything is strained to have a smooth and clear drink in the end.

We can get strawberries all season but they just aren\’t as good as the ones available in the summer.  When they are more juicy they make the finest summer cocktails.

Muddling all that goodness in the bottom of the glass will give you a dreamy delectable fusion that really makes this cocktail. The twists on this drink are endless; try it with bourbon or rum.  Put fresh herbs and fruits accordingly.


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1) 6 Strawberries

2) Mint leaves 

3) Club soda/ water

4) Stevia/ Erythritol

5) 1 Lemon

6) Pink Himalayan Salt / Rock salt.


1) In a mixing jar, crush the strawberries in the jar.

2) Add a glass of club soda.

3)  Add 8-10 mint leaves, erythritol, and a pinch of salt and give it a good mix.

4)  Add a few ice cubes.

5) Enjoy this with some keto-friendly snacks.


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Nutritional Facts Per Serving

Total Fat: 0g

Saturated Fat: 0.0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Total Carbohydrates: 3.6g
Dietary Fiber: 0.4g
Protein: 0.2g
Sugars: 1g
Add a Lil sweetness from sugar or honey and you have yourself a hit with this wonderful Keto Strawberry Mint Lemonade. Juicy summer strawberries are light, less sugary, and eminently day-drinkable. Do inspect adjusting the amount of simple syrup depending on the sweetness of your strawberries.

We love this recipe and we know you will too. This is as easy as it gets, so what is your excuse now? Get yourself started today and Stay tuned for more such keto weight loss journeys, health content, and recipes! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the daily dose of the Keto Lifestyle!

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