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Keto Vodka Cocktail

Alcohol consumption and the keto diet is an interesting topic, which is why we bring to you, Keto Vodka Cocktail! Many people who want to drop pounds come to ketogenic eating and are delighted that, unlike many diets, alcohol isn’t strictly forbidden when going low carb, high fat.

While it may slow down weight loss for many individuals, the occasional glass of dry white or red wine, champagne, or even distilled liquor may be okay — as long as it has no sugar. Natural spirits like vodka and whiskey contain zero carbs.

And over time, alcohol can derange your weight loss efforts. Clear hard liquor is the most keto alcohol. Just be mindful of sugar-packed mixers. Low-carb wine may also work for some people. On a keto diet, you can still enjoy a delicious drink on special occasions.

Even though many alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar, there are still some notable keto options, with little or no sugar or no carbs. So whiskey and vodka are the finest options while on a keto diet.


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1) ⅓ cup fresh lime juice

2) ½ cup vodka (45 ml )

3) Water to dilute.

4) Crushed ice

5) Few slices of lemon and 15-20 leaves of fresh mint


1) Combine the lemon juice and vodka and pour into a cocktail shaker with ice.

2)  Pour the cocktail into a martini glass 

3) Garnish with lemon slices & mint leaves. 

4) Serve cold and enjoy it with your family.


1) Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks. Don’t add soft drinks, or sweet flavorings or juice, to spirits. Adding tonic to zero-carb drinks boosts its carb count to 16 grams per serving.

2) The worst option of all is to mix alcohol with juice or soda, This is a sugar bomb.


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Nutritional Facts Per Serving
Calories- 109kcal
Carbohydrates- 2g
Sodium- 1mg
Vitamin C- 9mg
Alcohol isn’t exactly a healthy food option. But you can enjoy Keto Vodka Cocktail on the keto diet without sacrificing your wellness goals. On the keto diet, your body processes alcohol, distinctively. That means the results of alcohol might hit you faster.

We love this recipe and we know you will too. This is as easy as it gets, so what is your excuse now? Get yourself started today and Stay tuned for more such keto weight loss journeys, health content, and recipes! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the daily dose of the Keto Lifestyle!

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